let's recap with a few Questions and Answers:

1. How long does my party last?

The private party room, once reserved, is for 1 hour and 30 minutes, followed by 18 holes of Monster Mini Golf.

2. Can the adults of the party Golf as well and if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, all of the adults that attend any of our Children's Birthday Parties are welcome to Golf at no charge.
So, feel free, relive your childhood on us!

3. May I bring decorations or a Pinata?

You may bring almost anything you wish but we do not allow pinatas, confetti or silly string.
Why? You may ask:
Well, Pinatas involve sticks and hitting and some of our ceilings are drop ceiling and well, if you hung a pinata from it, it would drop!
Confetti is similar to putting up a live Christmas tree without a tree skirt, then attempting for the next several
months to vacuum the Ka-Zillion pieces off of your floor.
Silly String?? Need we say more?
We ask that you do not tape or staple anything to our walls...or your guests. You will find that we have gone above and beyond what other party facilities have done and you will be pleasantly surprised! In fact, you really do not need to spend any money on decorations.

4. What are our food options?

You may bring in any food or non-alcoholic beverage you wish. Our web site lists local Pizza
deliveries and details. If you need our help, we would be happy to assist in any way.

5. Do I need to give you a deposit?

Yes, $50 Non-Refundable ($100 for the VIP) is required upon booking. Balance is paid day of party
by either M/C, Visa or Cash. **We do not accept personal Checks or Children as payment.

6. Will I be sharing the party room with anyone?

No. You will have a private room for you and all of your guests.

7. What age group is appropriate?

Here at Monster Mini Golf...we get all ages! We have had parties for little ones as young as 1 year old
to “experienced children” reaching into their 60’s and we've even had a 90th Birthday party!