In these unprecedented times, humans are looking for ways to have fun with a few of their friends while of course staying safe! Just so happens that Mini Golf is an activity that lends itself to easily and organic Social Distancing! That said, Monster Mini Golf has a solution for you to enjoy a bit of MUCH NEEDED age-appropriate fun! We are proud to announce the implementation of our Weekday Small Group Event Reservation.

What are applicable groups that can take advantage of a Monster Mini Golf Small Weekday Group Event?

  • A group of family/friends celebrating a Birthday Party (adults and/or children)
  • A group of neighborhood friends looking for little escape (adults and/or children)
  • A group of classmates that need a little break from school (brick and mortar or remote learning)
  • A group of co-workers looking to blow off a little steam
  • …. basically ANY small group of humans looking for FUN!

What is the minimum and maximum size for a Monster Mini Golf Small Weekday Group Event?

  • Minimum of 8 humans
  • Maximum of 12 humans

What is included in a Monster Mini Golf Small Weekday Group Event?

  • 2 LARGE adjoining Private Party Rooms for 45 minutes
  • 1 Round of Monster Mini Golf OR  1 Laser Tag Game for each human
  • $7 in Arcade Play for each human

What is the cost for a Monster Mini Golf Small Weekday Group Event?

  • $20.00 per human


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Company Events that Rock (and roll)!

Tired of the same old boring Company or Group Event? Looking for something unique and fun to entertain and invigorate your friends, family or co-workers? If so, look no further than Monster Mini Golf! Group Events are great for both adults and young adults alike. Companies, youth groups, clubs, etc. can all enjoy unlimited entertainment and be able to relax in our private haunted mansion event rooms. We guarantee to get the laughs rolling and the competitive juices flowing as each event features:

  • Private Haunted Mansion Event rooms
  • 18 Hole Monster Mini Golf competition
  • Arcade Game Play
  • Prizes and Fun Awards
  • …and much more.


  • Audio visual equipment (used for Company Events and varies by location)
  • Additional Arcade Game Play
  • Food and refreshments