We offer more than a party; we deliver a MEMORABLE AND FUN EXPERIENCE for ALL ages! That means, adults/parent guest get to have FUN too!!

Our experience includes:

  • 90-minute reservation of one of our Private Haunted Mansion rooms
  • In-room age-appropriate hosted Activities
  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf (adult and parent guests golf for free!)
  • Arcade play and prize center FUN
  • We set up the room, handle all service needs, entertain and engage the child and clean up!

*See additional featured elements and add-ons below.



Ghostly GalaBones BashMonster ManiaV.I.M. (Very Important Monster)
Guest of Honor is free
Birthday Child does not count towards allowed number of children in a package
Number of children included
Adults attending do not not count towards allowed number of guests in a package
Up to 10 GuestsUp to 12 GuestsUp to 15 GuestsUp to 25 Guests
Dedicated Party Host & Party Specialist
Private Haunted Mansion Event Room
Insert Description Here
1 Room1 Room1 Room2 Rooms
Duration of time in Private Haunted Mansion Event Room90 minutes90 minutes90 minutes2 Hours
18 Holes of Mini Golf for each guest
Unlimited Mini Golf for each guest
Game Card for the Guest of Honor
Insert Description Here
Game Card for each child
Insert Description Here
Surprise Toy for each child1222
Monster Mini Golf T Shirt for the Guest of Honor
Insert Description Here
Monster Glow Hand Print Experience
A memory that lasts forever! The Guest of Honor dips there hand in Monster Slime and it becomes a permanent part of our facility decor!
Monster Challenge Experience
A memory that lasts forever! The Guest of Honor will take part of a unique contest at the WIRD Radio DJ booth on our golf course and win 500 Prize Tickets!
Return Mini Golf Passes for each child guest
Insert Description Here
Large Cheese Pizzas2234
Pitcher2 of a Soft Drink2345
Rule the W.I.R.D. Airwaves
DJ Bootcamp
We Set Up and Clean Up!
Available as semi private event before open to public!
Package Price$350.00$395.00$495.00$625.00
Add Extra Guest$13.00 per guest
Add Party Bags for guests
Insert Description Here
$3.99 per guest
Add Color My T Shirt Experience $7.50 per shirt (No Minimum Purchase)
Arcade PlayAny Value
Monster Mini Golf T Shirt
Insert Description Here
$12.99 (10 or more, $10)
Pitcher of a Soft Drink$5.95


Monster Mini Golf  understands that celebrations do not have to be large or standard in order to make a child feel special on their day! Just because we cannot have a large group, does not mean we cannot celebrate. We have developed our new POP UP PARTIES, where you can enjoy our unique Mini Golf and facility, while our Monsters shower your child with fun and memorable moments.



This is an On-Course Celebration only and does not include any Party Rooms
Maximum of 10 guests

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