Monster Mini Golf – Past to Present

An interview with our Founder – Christina Vitagliano


Our Franchising Program History

It happened late one night… in the small quiet town of Danielson, Connecticut. While their neighbors slept, Christina and Patrick Vitagliano, a seemingly normal couple, sat at their kitchen table and brainstorming their next business opportunity. After hours of penciled ideas and eraser shavings, they landed on one of the most Frightening (yet ridiculously fun) Family Entertainment ideas ever perpetrated on the American People.

They thought to themselves…

…what if we brought the 50-year-old proven concept of Miniature Golf indoors?

…what if we landscaped the course with a scary but cool, Monster decor?

…what if we added a State-of-the-Art Arcade, a private party room and events program?

…what if we made the entire venue Glow-in-the-Dark?

This would be different…and we mean DIFFERENT than ANY other Miniature Golf or Family Entertainment venue that anyone has ever seen. It will be uniquely dedicated to the sheer enjoyment of humans of all ages… FUN?!
And just like that, the Millennium Falcon of Miniature Golf and Family Entertainment was born!

Today, due to our frightfully fun and unique concept and brand of entertainment, as well as the growth in the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) sector, Monster Mini Golf has expanded its operations to 30+ facilities in 13 states and 2 countries…. and we are just getting started! We have recently expanded our concept to now include other ancillary attractions such as:

  •        Laser Tag
  •        Laser Maze
  •        Bowling
  •        Concessions
  •        …and more!

As we expand our operations and revenue model, we are also looking to continually expand our global footprint. Are you looking for a fun business opportunity where you can put smiles on the faces of thousands of humans, while building your own personal and financial success? If you answered yes, then Monster Mini Golf may just be the opportunity you are looking for!

Monster Mini Golf Founders

Originally from Providence Rhode Island, Christina Vitagliano’s primary background is in marketing and promotions, with extensive experience in operational management. Christina began working at age 16 in retail sales for Underground Camera, headquartered in Foxboro Massachusetts, now known as Ritz Camera Company. As the company grew, franchised and expanded to over 60 stores, Christina became the youngest district manager in the company’s history. After 8 years with the same company she realized that middle management was not want she wanted out of life.

Shortly thereafter Christina was recruited by a multi-level entertainment complex in Providence to become their Director of Marketing. Over the next decade, Christina’s marketing and promotional ideas became well known throughout the industry. In 1995, after almost a decade of being in the fast-paced entertainment and marketing field, she left the business to marry Patrick Vitagliano.

Patrick was the founder of a sound/lighting/theatrical production company. Through the years he built an impressive client base in the music industry, providing sound & lighting production to venues ranging from nightclubs to large arenas. In addition, Patrick has worked with numerous Broadway theater productions and large concert tours.

Meanwhile, Christina was working on a new creation and in 1998 opened an antique auction house in Connecticut where she and Patrick resided. Within 4 years she became one of the largest and most reputable auction houses in the area, and while very successful, the auction business required grueling hours, a full-time staff of experts and a rigorous international travel schedule. In 2003 Christina made a life decision to sell the business.

With a newly acquired taste for self-employment and the experience of owning a complicated business, Christina set out to create a business that was as popular and unique as the auction business, without a lot of the burdens that went along with it. A business that was simple, largely self-serve, required very few employees, didn’t consume your entire life, fun, and at the same time yielded high profit margins. Within a year, Monster Mini Golf was born.

Our Training and Support

Setting Our Monsters Up For Success

That’s why Monster Mini Golf offers comprehensive classroom and in-store applications training that covers all aspects of what you need to know as a Monster Mini Golf franchise owner. No entertainment experience necessary—our franchisees come from many industries and backgrounds, but have a common thread… an outgoing personality and the true to desire to entertain others!

How Does Monster Mini Golf Franchise Owners?

Some of the assistance you’ll receive as a Monster Mini Golf franchise owner includes:

  • Site selection and third-party financing assistance
  • Store construction and set-up
  • Pre-opening procedures and post-opening follow up
  • Management and Team recruitment guidance
  • Soft Opening plans
  • Grand Opening plans
  • Neighborhood marketing plans

You’ll also spend time getting personal instruction on the most important aspects of your new Family Entertainment business, including:

  • Monster Mini Golf business fundamentals, culture, and team development
  • Compensation, scheduling, and recruiting
  • Marketing and Grand Opening assistance
  • Hiring, developing, training, and coaching
  • Understanding the role of the franchisees and managers
  • Store action plans

When You Win, We Win.

Your success is our success.

To help both franchisees and store managers stay on the right track, Monster Mini Golf offers a wealth of ongoing support, including:

  • Online Operations Manual
  • Marketing support, tools, and resources
  • Real estate support
  • National Convention
  • Regional Training Events

Ensuring that you have access to all of the resources you need to begin a successful franchise ownership is important to us. We’ve worked hard to develop a complete training and support system for new franchise owners.

Learn More About This Franchise Opportunity

With excellent training and support resources designed to help our franchise owners succeed, Monster Mini Golf is prepared to help you start off on the right foot in developing a positive team environment and building your clientele. Learn more about the exciting Family Entertainment franchise opportunity we offer. Call our recruitment team at (401) 454-8100 to learn about available territories!

Financial Requirements

Discover Whether This Monstrous Franchise Opportunity is Right for You

Interested in joining the Monster Mini Golf family, one of the fastest-growing Family Entertainment franchises in the industry? With 30+ locations across the U.S. and in Canada, we’re a rapidly expanding business with a reputation for excellence, strong guest experience and retention. As with any other franchise, participating in the Family Entertainment business opportunity we offer requires meeting certain financial qualifications. On this page, we’ve attempted to clearly spell out every aspect of these expectations to ensure that there are no surprises.

The financial requirements/terms for franchise owners are as follows:

Net Worth$750,000
Liquid Assets$200,000
Good CreditRating above 680
Total Investment$423,500 – $1,000,000 for first store
Franchise Fee$35,000 for first store/$17,500 for additional stores
Royalty Fee7%
Collaborative Marketing Fee1%
SBA Franchise Registry listedYes
Financing PartnersYes, ready to assist with SBA or conventional loans
Qualified Veterans DiscountReceive $5000.00 discount on initial franchise fee

Typical Start Up Investment – Core Concept

Franchise Fee 35,00035,000
Lease Deposit15,00030,000
Leasehold Improvements 100,000 150,000
Architectural Project and Plans7,00013,000
Insurance Deposits2,0004,000
Point of Sales System 17,00045,000
Theming – Golf Course Design and Fixtures Package 199,000 199,000
Signage 7,00012,000
Equipment and Supplies – Office5,0007,500
Equipment and Supplies – Operating Supplies4,0004,000
Equipment and Supplies – Retail Merchandise2,0002,000
Equipment and Supplies – Redemption2,5004,000
Formal Training – Travel and Lodging2,5003,500
Marketing and Advertising10,00020,000
Working Capital15,00030,000

Typical Start Up Investment – Additional Concept Attractions

DescriptionLow High
Arcade Ownership125,000200,000
Laser Tag Arena85,000105,000
Laser Tag Equipment52,00058,000
Mini Bowling50,00090,000
Laser Maze33,45040,000
Totals360,950 518,500

Contact Monster Mini Golf Today

Motivated franchisees begin their Monster Mini Golf franchise ownership with multi-unit Family Entertainment franchise operations. One of the best things about being a Monster Mini Golf franchise owner is that you can tailor your growth to your needs. We supply our franchise owners with everything they need to succeed, including a full range of training and support tools and resources.

These are just some of the benefits:

  • No industry experience required—we offer comprehensive training and assistance
  • Manager-run—no need to be on site daily
  • Unique entertainment concept catering to an underserved market
  • High loyalty; a typical guest returns three to four times annually
  • Turnkey set-up including third party financing assistance, site location and negotiation, interior design, a Grand Opening marketing plan, and management and team recruitment

Contact our team today at (401) 454-8100 for more information about our franchise opportunity and available regions.

Franchise Award Process


Take A Sneak Peek

After you have filled out our online inquiry form, you will receive a link to review the Monster Mini Virtual Brochure with more information about the process and what’s involved. A member of our leadership team will be available to answer any preliminary questions.


Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Complete the online Confidential Profile. The Confidential Profile provides general information for Monster Mini Golf to evaluate a potential franchisee’s qualifications. A member of our leadership team will then contact you to answer preliminary questions and schedule an appointment with our Chief Operating Officer.


Evaluate The Fit

You will go through a series of meetings with our Chief Operating Officer to help you learn what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you. You will also receive our Franchise Disclosure Document, which contains all the pertinent information you will need to make an educated decision. Most applicants “don’t know what they don’t know” and our methodical and deliberate process is designed for transparency and to be sure all your questions are answered satisfactorily. At the same time, we will learn more about your background, experience, skill sets, and goals. By the end of Step 3, we should each have a fairly good idea if we have a potential fit.


Trust, Verify, And Validate

We hope that as you go through our evaluation process we gain your confidence in our franchise model and system, but we want you to go beyond just our word. Talk to the current Franchise Owners who came before you and see how it has worked out for them. Find out how Monster Mini Golf has helped many people just like you fulfill their personal and professional goals.


Discovery Day

All great companies have great leadership and a strong front office. At Discovery Day, you will meet the people responsible for supporting the stores and get a good feel for the team you will potentially be partnering with. Our Leadership Team will be engaged throughout Discovery Day and you will have opportunities to ask them questions directly.

Discovery Day


What Happens On Discovery Day?

So you’re interested in becoming a franchisee in the Monster Mini Golf family and you’re ready to attend Discovery Day. Discovery Day is an important aspect of learning about how we work here at Monster Mini Golf and determining whether this Family Entertainment business opportunity is right for you! We look forward to hosting you on this important day.

Step Five In The Franchise Award Process

By this stage in the Franchise Award Process, you will have already completed several steps.

These steps include:

  • You will have completed a Confidential Profile outlining some basic information about yourself.
  • You will have spoken with a Franchise Recruitment Specialist and had your questions answered.
  • You will have examined our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • You will have begun your validation process by speaking with some of our current Monster Mini Golf franchise owners.

After these steps and more, it will be time to meet the leaders behind Monster Mini Golf—the team you’ll be working with if all goes well! Discovery Day is Step 5 in our Franchise Award Process.

Meet The Team Behind Monster Mini Golf On Discovery Day

Discovery Day is an exciting opportunity to get “up close and personal” with the inner workings of our company and to get to know the leaders that run Monster Mini Golf. During this event, you will:

  • Experience our brand as a guest and as a team member
  • Participate in basic operations and entertainment components
  • Have the opportunity to spend face to face time with an operational Monster Mini Golf franchise owner
  • Have an open forum to ask us any remaining questions you might have and we will provide you with additional information about our exciting Family Entertainment franchise opportunity.

Every winning team needs a strong front office and positive leadership. We believe it’s important that you get to know the people you’ll be working with. Our Leadership Team is closely involved in Discovery Day, so you’ll have the chance to speak with them directly! For more information or to get started in the Franchise Award Process, call our office today at (401) 454-8100.

Monster Mini Golf Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn How You Can Join the Monster Mini Golf Family Now!

Discover Whether This Monstrous Franchise Opportunity is Right for You

At Monster Mini Golf, guests can drop in any time without an appointment and be greeted like family in a quirky, friendly, professional entertainment environment. As a Monster Mini Golf franchise owner, you can bring that one-of-a-kind experience to your guests, too. Here are answers to the questions we most frequently receive regarding our Family Entertainment franchise opportunity.

Looking for more information? Contact our team today at (401) 454-8100!

To ensure that you can obtain the necessary financing that you will need to move forward, we require that you have a minimum of $200,000 liquid assets (cash and marketable securities) and $750,000 net worth. This requirement may be higher if construction costs are higher than normal in certain areas, or if a candidate wants to sign up for more than one franchise location.
Your initial Franchise Fee will be $35,000, which covers your franchise fees for your first store. Should you purchase more protected territories, each additional Franchise Fee will be $17,500.
Currently, the cost of building out a single store, including the franchise fee and working capital, ranges between $423,500 – $1,000,000 for first store. A full breakdown of the cost is provided in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. The bulk of that cost can usually be financed, but lenders will generally require a cash injection of 15% – 25%. Franchisees will need to meet lenders’ qualifications for financing.
No, we don’t offer first party financing, but we do work with several preferred lenders who are very comfortable with the Monster Mini Golf model that we can refer you to.
Yes, you will be granted a protected area around your designated, approved location where no other Monster Mini Golf franchises will be placed. The protected area will be specific to your location, based on population, distances and drive times to existing locations. These protected areas will each be handled on an individual basis, based on the specifics of the geographic area each individual franchisee is granted. We feel that placing a set equation on a country wide level is not beneficial to all Franchise locations and should be handled accordingly in the best interest of the Franchisee and the demographics of the territory of interest.

After signing, franchise owners begin an Orientation process that introduces them to the Monster Mini Golf system and various aspects of the business that they need to understand to be successful. Topics include basic lessons on:

  • Culture
  • Business foundations
  • Real estate
  • Marketing
  • Management and Team Member recruiting
  • Mini Golf Operations standards
  • Additional Attraction Operations standards
  • Training and Team development

Franchise owners get practice and experience on those topics during 4 to 5 days of management development training in their market and in a 5 – 7 day Formal Training program held at an approved operational training center prior to opening their first store. Learning continues at their store’s Soft and Grand Openings and afterwards through follow-up management development sessions, in Regional Training Events, and at the annual National Conference.

A typical location ranges between 9,000 and 14,000 square feet, and depends solely on the attractions and revenue model which you wish to develop.
From execution of your lease and obtaining keys to your building we estimate approximately 30-45 days to open.
After signing, franchise owners begin an Orientation process that introduces them to the Monster Mini Golf system and various aspects of the business they need to understand to be successful.
  1. Complete and submit our Franchise Info Request form on our website.
  2. Schedule a Concept Discovery Day at an operational Monster Mini Golf facility with a member of our corporate leadership team.
  3. Schedule a phone conversation with the Monster Mini Golf Founders. Yes…you read that correctly. You will speak with the people that created the concept from the beginning!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at (401) 454-8100 or [email protected]