Monster Mini Golf

Beaming black lights bring to life the most stimulating and unique mini golf experience in the universe! Imagine 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf surrounded by a virtual canvas, as our walls are alive with witty, comical, and relatable pop-culture artwork belonging to the town and state of the actual location. While golfing, humans interact with our creatively fun and animated monsters at every twist and turn! They move, they talk, they wiggle and they squawk, and this is just the beginning! While immersed in our wacky world, you will enjoy the pulsating beats of music classics, both vintage and new, from our internal radio station, W.I.R.D. Radio, as well our special recipe of on course entertainment. More than mini golf, human, of all ages, are guaranteed to have the time of their lives!

*Laser Tag

Laser Tag currently available in the following locations: Orange, CT, Towson, MD, San Antonio, TX, Round Rock, TX, Bethel, CT (formerly Danbury, CT)

Welcome to the crypt! Monster Laser Tag is a high energy, fun, team-based game of skill, designed for players from 5 years of age and above. You can think of it as high-tech hide and seek or capture the flag, with lasers! The Monster Laser Tag arena is a highly interactive play area, full of fun effects including fog, black lights, targets, music, mines and creative decorations. In case you have never experienced Laser Tag before, the basics of the game are that players are challenged to make the most “tags” on the other team during the gameplay duration. The team with the most amount of “tags” wins! Monster Laser Tag is anything but standard though, as we offer Special Missions (game variations) and much more.

Monstrous Gaming Arcade

Our state-of-the-art arcade truly offers a monstrous dose of family entertainment, through a vast array of options which appeal to humans both young and old! From the newest technology to those timeless classics, there is an abundance of excitement awaiting our guests. Our arcade features games like Jurassic Park, Spongebob Squarepants, Big Bass Wheel and Down-a-Clown that will keep the youngsters busy, and loading up on prize tickets and giggling. For the young at heart, we offer classics such as Skee Ball, Glow Air Hockey and Basketball Hoops as well as. Prize Cranes offer the chance to win great prizes and Deal or No Deal will put your brain to the test. It’s all here…are you ready to play??

Monstrous Prizes And Surprises

Playing our games is only a portion of the fun! When you play, you win! Humans can earn ticket value as they compete, and at the end of your quest, redeem your earnings for a king’s ransom of rewards at our Monstrous prize center. From small trinkets to large gadgets, we have something for everyone! Glowing is our business, and our monsters stock the shelves with plenty of glow items such as fun hats, bead necklaces, wacky bracelets and zany glasses that are sure to have you shining in the dark!

*Laser Maze

Laser Maze currently available in the following locations: Coral Springs, FL, Paramus, NJ, Fairfield, NJ, Eatontown, NJ, Chantilly, VA, San Antonio, TX, Round Rock, TX, Bethel, CT (formerly Danbury, CT), Rancho Cordova, CA, Gaithersburg, MD, Edison, NJ

Imagine entering a mysterious room with music, lighting effects and dynamic Laser Beams blocking nearly all paths of travel! Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master, our immersive Laser Maze attraction challenges humans to think strategically, and harness your inner Ninja as you test your reflexes and agility while racing against time through a dense field of dynamic laser beams. Up for the challenge? Laser Maze is a timed event, meaning the lower the time, the better your score will be. Will you escape fast enough to make it to the Top 10 of our Monstrous Leaderboard, or will you be left lost in the Lasers?

*Mini Bowling

Mini Bowling currently available in the following locations: Chantilly, VA, Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf Las Vegas, NV

This MINI version of classic bowling delivers MONSTROUS entertainment for all ages! Forty-foot lanes and lighter bowling balls make it easy enough for the little ones to score high on both the scoreboard and the FUN, while avid bowlers will find the lanes responsive and challenging. Special shoes are not required, so simply step up and show your skills. Set’em up…and get ready to roll into a new bowling experience!

*Atomic Rush

Atomic Rush currently available in the following locations: Chantilly, VA

This unique attraction uses the latest in touch and LED technology, explosive colors and superior sound to create a high intensity entertainment experience. Passing through the ATOMIC RUSH portal, players find stations with LED touch panels. With 60 seconds to earn points, players RUSH to quickly tap the panels as their color appears. The faster they are, the more points they rack up. Be on the lookout for the rainbow panels to earn Bonus Points. It’s like a futuristic, LED version of Simon Says meets Twister, while is a full sprint!

*Ropes Course

Ropes Course currently available in the following locations: Bethel, CT (formerly Danbury, CT)

Navigating the perils of our Glow in the Dark ropes course is only possible with catlike reflexes!  Plus, it all takes place directly above our Monster Mini Golf course!  Engineered for safety and designed for fun, adventurers will enjoy suspended bridges, a cargo net, rope ladders and more!  Our guest’s safety is upheld with a full body harness and redundant sling line, which is inserted into the overhead track keeping them connected at all times.  Taking on the challenges at their own pace, it’s an activity that combine family, fitness and fun!

*Virtual Reality

Virtual Realty is currently available in the following locations: San Antonio, TX, Denver, CO, Rancho Cordova, CA, Miramar, FL, Coral Springs, FL, Columbia, MD, Cherry Hill, NJ, Round Rock, TX

Our Virtual Reality attractions transport players into a simulated environment that uses sight and sound to create an amazing, interactive experience.  Immerse yourself into a variety of monstrously entertaining adventures!

* indicates that this Attraction is only available at select locations. Please visit the Locations page of a store near you in order to review specific location Attractions.