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Monster Mini Golf Concept Video


Truly unique concept and brand of entertainment, as well as growth in the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) sector, Monster Mini Golf has expanded its operation to 30+ facilities in 13 states and 2 countries… and we’re just getting started!

“I love what Monster Mini Golf has done for me, it’s an incredibly fun and well run franchise. I do not have to be onsite everyday, but that doesn’t stop me!” ~ Felix Marte – Florida

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It happened late one night… in the small quiet town of Danielson, Connecticut. While their neighbors slept, Christina and Patrick Vitagliano, a seemingly normal couple, sat at their kitchen table and brainstorming their next business opportunity. After hours of penciled ideas and eraser shavings, they landed on one of the most Frightening (yet ridiculously fun) Family Entertainment ideas ever perpetrated on the American People.


This would be different…and we mean DIFFERENT than ANY other Miniature Golf or Family Entertainment venue that anyone has ever seen. It will be uniquely dedicated to the sheer enjoyment of humans of all ages… FUN?!


And just like that, the Millennium Falcon of Miniature Golf and Family Entertainment was born!

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Financial Requirements

Training and Support

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    To ensure that you can obtain the necessary financing that you will need to move forward, we require that you have a minimum of $200,000 liquid assets (cash and marketable securities) and $750,000 net worth. This requirement may be higher if construction costs are higher than normal in certain areas, or if a candidate wants to sign up for more than one franchise location.
    Your initial Franchise Fee will be $35,000, which covers your franchise fees for your first store. Should you purchase more protected territories, each additional Franchise Fee will be $17,500.
    Currently, the cost of building out a single store, including the franchise fee and working capital, ranges between $550,000 – $1,000,000 for first store. A full breakdown of the cost is provided in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. The bulk of that cost can usually be financed, but lenders will generally require a cash injection of 15% – 25%. Franchisees will need to meet lenders’ qualifications for financing.
    No, we don’t offer first party financing, but we do work with several preferred lenders who are very comfortable with the Monster Mini Golf model that we can refer you to.
    Yes, you will be granted a protected area around your designated, approved location where no other Monster Mini Golf franchises will be placed. The protected area will be specific to your location, based on population, distances and drive times to existing locations. These protected areas will each be handled on an individual basis, based on the specifics of the geographic area each individual franchisee is granted. We feel that placing a set equation on a country wide level is not beneficial to all Franchise locations and should be handled accordingly in the best interest of the Franchisee and the demographics of the territory of interest.

    After signing, franchise owners begin an Orientation process that introduces them to the Monster Mini Golf system and various aspects of the business that they need to understand to be successful. Topics include basic lessons on:

    • Culture
    • Business foundations
    • Real estate
    • Marketing
    • Management and Team Member recruiting
    • Mini Golf Operations standards
    • Additional Attraction Operations standards
    • Training and Team development

    Franchise owners get practice and experience on those topics during 4 to 5 days of management development training in their market and in a 5 – 7 day Formal Training program held at an approved operational training center prior to opening their first store. Learning continues at their store’s Soft and Grand Openings and afterwards through follow-up management development sessions, in Regional Training Events, and at the annual National Conference.

    A typical location ranges between 9,000 and 14,000 square feet, and depends solely on the attractions and revenue model which you wish to develop.
    From execution of your lease and obtaining keys to your building we estimate approximately 30-45 days to open.
    After signing, franchise owners begin an Orientation process that introduces them to the Monster Mini Golf system and various aspects of the business they need to understand to be successful.
    1. Complete and submit our Franchise Info Request form on our website.
    2. Schedule a Concept Discovery Day at an operational Monster Mini Golf facility with a member of our corporate leadership team.
    3. Schedule a phone conversation with the Monster Mini Golf Founders. Yes…you read that correctly. You will speak with the people that created the concept from the beginning!

    If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at (702) 583-6161 or [email protected]