Glow in the dark MINI GOLF

Our glow in the dark mini golf courses are sure to entertain you as you make your way through 18 holes with only the best monsters and creatures around. As you wind your way through the course, you’ll get a taste of local flavor with our hand-painted artwork depicting sites and symbols unique to the area. It’s going to be a spooktacular good time!


Monster Mini Golf® is quite simply the most stimulating and unique mini golf Experience in the universe! Imagine 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf alive and glowing under beaming black lights. While golfing, humans interact with our creatively fun and animated monsters at every twist and turn! They move, talk, wiggle, squawk, and some even tell terribly silly jokes! While immersed in our wacky mini golf world, you will enjoy the pulsating beats of music, both vintage and current, as well as disco balls and other audio-visual effects. More than you’re your average mini golf, humans of all ages are guaranteed to have the time of their lives!

Glow in the Dark Ogre from Monster Mini Golf

How To Find A Mini Golf Course Near Me

With multiple locations and a variety of activities to experience, there are plenty of reasons to spend a day of Monstrous fun with your family and friends. Check on our Monster Mini Golf® website and find your nearest location using your zip code.

DJ entertainment at Monster Mini Golf


Human to human interaction is our claim to fame, and there will be no shortage of this while traversing or 18-hole mini golf course. While golfing, humans of all ages will enjoy a variety of entertainment from our Masters of Entertainment who will offer a variety of engagement through W.I.R.D., our internal radio station, such as contests, skill shots, trivia and much more! That’s not all, as our team will always meet your group to select holes to complete in mini golf challenges for prizes and rewards!


We like to say we create Monster Mini Golf® facilities, more than we build them. This becomes evident while playing our brand of mini golf, as our course is surrounded by a virtual canvas alive with witty, comical, and relatable pop-culture artwork belonging to the town and state of the actual location. That’s right, your town, city and state are brought to life by our team of world-class artists who hand-paint each locally inspired detail to perfection. Think of this as a monster-themed history lesson under black lights!

Location Specific Wall Art from Monster Mini Golf

How To Find A Monster Mini Golf Near Me

With multiple locations and a variety of activities to experience, there are plenty of reasons to spend a day of Monstrous fun with your family and friends. Check on our Monster Mini Golf® website and find your nearest location using your zip code.



The rules of mini golf are actually quite uncomplicated. They even share a few similarities with traditional golf. One of the most important general rules of the game is to follow basic golf etiquette. This means being respectful of everything around you. From the course to your fellow players, showing respect is an incredibly important aspect of golf – even miniature golf. The following are some other key rules to keep in mind:

  • Take turns to ensure everyone gets the proper amount of time to play and shoot the ball 
  • Never interfere with a ball that is currently in motion
  • Your turn is finished once you’ve successfully gotten the ball into the hole
  • When you’ve completed the course, the player with the lowest score wins

Mini Golf Rules.

Mini golf is suitable for all ages and is typically enjoyable for children and adults. Younger children should be supervised at all times when playing mini golf. The courses can sometimes have obstacles or hazards that could cause injury to small children if they are not properly supervised.

How to Take Your Kids to Mini Golf. (2022).

One aspect of mini golf that appeals to many people is the length of gameplay. A traditional game of golf can go on for hours and hours, but miniature golf is what you make it. A game can be as long or as short as your party would like it to be. This way, nobody gets burnt out or bored. Games usually range from 20 minutes to an hour long, but you can generally count on a typical game lasting about 45 minutes.

If you’re finding a certain hole or obstacle particularly challenging, don’t worry! You aren’t bound to the rules the way you are in traditional golf. This means that if your party wants to move along and speed up the game, you can feel free to do so. Again, this game really is just what you make it.

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Yes, Monster Mini Golf® is an excellent activity for kids! Our 18-hole glow-in-the-dark mini golf course is filled with exciting special effects and Monster-themed décor your kids will enjoy. We also have arcade games, indoor bowling, a laser maze, and virtual reality to keep them entertained all day or night. 

Yes, Monster Mini Golf® is also an excellent option for adults looking for something fun. Of course, adults also enjoy our other attractions, making it a great place for date night or an evening out on the town.