VR Arcade At Monster Mini Golf

Once you arrive in our simulated environment, you will experience a monstrosity of fun in a world like no other. Explore, move around, and immerse yourself in an out-of-this-world experience with special effects you will want to play each time you visit one of our locations and find our virtual reality arcades near you.


Our Virtual Reality simulators and attractions transport players into a simulated environment that uses sight, sound, movements, and air to create an amazing, interactive experience.  Immerse yourself in a variety of monstrously entertaining adventures!

VR Arcade at Monster Mini Golf

 Virtual Rabbids VR Experience

Put on your VR headset and discover the famous Rabbids from a brand-new perspective. Board your rollercoaster, jump into their wacky world, and follow them in epic adventures! There are multiple adventures to choose from, meaning you can play multiple times for new experiences. Adventures include:

Alpine Adventure
Canyon Chaos
Holiday Hijinks
Kitchen Catastrophe
Space Skirmish
Coaster Calamity

King Kong of Skull Island VR Experience

Raw Thrills has taken the virtual reality experience to the next level with King Kong of Skull Island™ VR! This cinematic VR adventure weaves cutting-edge hand interactivity, exciting motion seat action, and dazzling visual effects into one show-stopping unattended cabinet. Explore the mysteries and dangers that lurk across Skull Island through three immersive episodes.

There are three unique episodes are:

Chapter 1 – Skull Island
Chapter 2 – Return to Skull Island
Chapter 3 – Volcano Island

How To Find A Monster Virtual Reality Near Me

With multiple locations and a variety of activities to experience, there are plenty of reasons to spend a day of Monstrous fun with your family and friends. Check on our Monster Mini Golf website and find your nearest location using your zip code.

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VR Arcade FAQs

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated environment that can be experienced through vision, sound, and touch. It enables users to interact with our monstrous 3D world using a computer interface, creating an immersive experience in which they feel like they are inside the environment.

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A virtual reality arcade center allows people to come together to explore VR-enabled games and experiences. The experience might include physical equipment like headsets, trackers, and motion controllers that enable people to interact with virtual objects or environments. Games generally involve solving puzzles, constructing worlds, role-playing, sports, and simulations of real-life scenarios.

Is VR Gaming Making You Sick? Use These 5 Tips to Keep Playing (dramamine.com)

The age at which it is appropriate to experience virtual reality can vary from person to person. Younger monsters often take to VR fairly quickly. Tween and teen monsters tend to enjoy virtual reality experiences more as they become fully immersed in virtual environments. Adult monsters can also find our virtual reality arcade fun and enjoyable on a date night or family night out. 

Guest monsters must be a minimum of four feet tall to use this attraction; however, don’t despair if you’re not quite there yet. Our virtual reality gaming centers also offer thrills and attractions unlike anything else. Our otherworldly monsters are here to welcome and entertain you in a unique environment full of surprises and wonders.

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Yes, there can be some side effects from a virtual reality experience. These may include eyestrain and discomfort, fatigue, and headaches. Those prone to motion sickness can experience nausea or dizziness due to the motion in some games or simulations. 

Additionally, some people may feel a lost sense of orientation after the experience, usually lasting for a few minutes. It is also recommended to take breaks during VR sessions and enjoy other exciting things, like Monster Mini Golf, our video game arcadelaser maze, or laser tag

Most importantly, anyone susceptible to seizures should stay away from virtual reality experiences as they can aggravate symptoms and cause a seizure.