Are you tired of the same old boring company or group event and looking for something unique and fun to entertain and invigorate your friends, family, or co-workers? If so, look no further than Monster Mini Golf! Group events are great for both adults and children alike. Whether it’s a birthday party, field trip, group event, or fundraiser, all can enjoy unlimited entertainment and relax in our private haunted mansion event rooms.

We guarantee to get the laughs rolling and the competitive juices flowing, no matter the event!


We offer more than a party; we deliver a memorable and fun experience for all ages! That means adults/parent guests get to have fun too!

Our experience includes:

  • 90-minute reservation of one of our Private Haunted Mansion rooms
  • In-room age-appropriate hosted activities
  • 18 holes of Monster Mini Golf® (adult and parent guests golf for free!)
  • Arcade play and prize center fun
  • We set up the room, handle all service needs, entertain and engage the child and clean up!


Whether it’s a rainy-day activity or you’re looking to pre-plan all your summer activities for your daycare, school, or camp program, Monster Mini Golf is the perfect venue for your next action-packed field trip! Monster Mini Golf® provides a physically and mentally stimulating experience for children filled with adventure, games, prizes, smiles, and loads of laughs!


We’ll give you a company event that rocks (and rolls)! Our group events include:

  • Private Haunted Mansion Event rooms
  • 18 Hole mini golf competition
  • Arcade Game Play
  • Prizes and Fun Awards
  • and much more!

Additions include:

  • Audio-visual equipment (used for company events and varies by location)
  • Additional arcade gameplay.
  • Other applicable locations attractions.
  • Food and refreshments


Monster Mini Golf® offers flexible fundraising options designed to fit any organization’s needs and its member’s budgets. All fundraising options are priced per person and discounted from the normal retail price to pass along savings to your organization’s members and allow your organization to raise your desired revenue generation goals.

Fun for the Entire family

At Monster Mini Golf®, we love what we do!