Birthday Party Venue at Monster Mini Golf

We offer more than a party

We deliver a MEMORABLE AND FUN EXPERIENCE for ALL ages! That means, adults/parent guest get to have FUN too!!

Our experience includes:

  • 90-minute reservation of one of our Private Haunted Mansion rooms
  • In-room age-appropriate hosted Activities
  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf® (adult and parent guests golf for free!)*
    • *Based on individual locations.
  • Arcade play and prize center FUN
  • We set up the room, handle all service needs, entertain and engage the child and clean up!
skull gate at monster mini golf
birthday party at monster mini golf

Why Children LOVE US!

Our Memory Makers turn our Haunted Mansion Party Room into a thematic experience by engaging children in interactive, age-appropriate activities!

Our Memory Makers lead the group through a mini golf experience which includes games, prizes, music, dancing and monsters! All with thematic Monster flare and entertainment.

Arcade Play – combines with another word…
PRIZES! Children play to win, and all children walk away with a bounty of Monstrous Prizes!

Why parents LOVE US!

Our Private Haunted Mansion Party Rooms are designed with adult design and comfort in mind. On top of that, parents can relax and enjoy their peers knowing that all children are supervised, together, engaged and entertained.

Mini Golf is for EVERYONE! That means adults attending a party can play along with or closely behind children for NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Arcade Competition! Let’s be real, grown-ups like arcade games too, especially when competing with friends and family!

Set up, service and clean up! We exhaust the children, and YOU go home to a clean house!

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Find A Birthday Party Venue Near Me

Group Event pricing is available for groups of 12 or more participants. Monster Mini Golf® can accommodate groups of all shapes and sizes and even have private event and facility buyout options should you desire additional privacy and exclusivity.


Birthday Party faqs:

Our Birthday Party Events are wonderful for children of most ages, but at times can be challenging for children under 5 years due, as some younger children lack the physical ability to play the game of Mini Golf and well as the concentration to play a full 18 holes course.

You can book a birthday party with us in five easy steps:

  1. Choose your package
  2. Choose the date and time, and let us know how many little monsters will be there
  3. Select any additional add ons
  4. Sign into an account to keep track of your monstrous birthday party
  5. Confirm all details

It’s as simple as that! Before you know it, you’ll be having a monstrously good time in one of our private haunted event rooms.

Our Birthday Party Events follow an easy-to-follow structure and order, all lead by our outgoing and engaged Memory Makers.

  1. Arrival and set up.
  2. Playful and fun introductions.
  3. Secondary attractions and/or in-rooms games.
  4. Food and refreshements
  5. Birthday Song and Cake
  6. Monster Mini Golf
  7. Arcade Play

You can reserve a Birthday Party Event using 3 different options, from the webpage of your location of interest.

  1. Visit the store and reserve your Birthday Party Event in person.
  2. Call the store directly and reserve your Birthday Party Event via the telephone.
  3. Book online from the webpage of your location of interest.

A deposit will be required to hold you preferred day and time and deposits vary from location to location based on Birthday Party Event Package.

We do! Just let us know you’re looking for a specialist to help plan the day for you, and we’ll be happy to help you out so you can have the most spooktacular birthday party!