Birthday Party Place for Kids at Monster Mini Golf

A Monster-Sized Birthday Party

Planning a spectacular birthday party just got easier with Monster Mini Golf! Imagine a monster-sized celebration filled with glow-in-the-dark miniature golf and an interactive arcade center. Traverse through a labyrinth of 18 holes filled with hand-painted monsters that move, talk, and joke, adding an extra bit of excitement to your round. Our Memory Makers will make your celebration memorable by guiding you throughout your journey of Monster Mini Golf madness.

Neon decorations at a glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf course.

The Monster Mini Golf Experience

Experience the magic of mini golf like never before at Monster Mini Golf, where blacklight and neon colors transform the game into a perfect venue for birthday celebrations. As you make your way through the treacherous 18 hole course, you’ll encounter hand-painted monsters that come to life with their witty banter and playful antics. The walls are covered with local murals and hidden gems, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your adventure. Instead of giving your child the same old mini golf experience, transform their entire birthday with Monster Mini Golf.c

Find a Birthday Location Near Me

Thanks to our easy-to-use search tool, you can quickly find the perfect birthday party venue near you for your next birthday party in seconds! Just put in your zip code, and we’ll show you the closest locations so you can start planning your event.

Booking your children’s birthday party place at Monster Mini Golf will ensure your child never forgets their big day, thanks to our Memory Makers. These skilled and entertaining guides engage everyone in the group with age-appropriate activities. All guests will participate in interactive games, dance to fun music, win incredible prizes, and venture through the Monster Mini Golf experience like an expert with an experienced guide by your side. Our Memory Makers add a layer of magic to your celebration, creating lasting memories for all young adventurers. 

Kids will be blown away when they step up to the ultimate arcade experience at Monster Mini Golf! Kids and adults will both get lost for hours playing against each other with classic and interactive new games. Test your skills in an air hockey showdown or battle foreign worlds in one of our first-person games. The best part? Playing certain games earns tickets each time you do well. Collect enough tickets to earn a prize for the special birthday monster!

Find a Birthday Location Near Me

Save all the time you’d spend planning an out-of-this-world birthday celebration and find one right next to where you live! Using our search tool, you can enter your zip code and get a Monster Mini Golf location nearest you pulled up in seconds. 

A special day at Monster Mini Golf calls for a special birthday package. You can get special deals on prices for your mini golf and arcade experience by going with a packaged deal. Instead of buying your activities separately, our locations let you bundle certain activities together for better prices. You could get game cards loaded with predetermined limits, reservations for our private Haunted Rooms, and discounted prices for mini golf, bowling, laser mazes, and more. Each location offers unique bundles; some even have special birthday packages, so check each one for the best deal. 

At Monster Mini Golf, the fun doesn’t stop at birthdays. Our venues are perfect for hosting a ton of special events like school trips, corporate events, and community gatherings. Whether you’re planning a large group activity or field trip near you, Monster Mini Golf has all the fun and excitement you need under one roof. Our locations cater to different events, offering tailored packages and amenities to suit your specific needs. Turn your next event into an unforgettable experience at Monster Mini Golf!