Corporate Events and Team-Building Activities in Seekonk

Monster Mini Golf

Are you tired of the same old corporate events and team-building activities? Are you looking for fun company group event places that offer exciting and engaging activities to keep your coworkers and employees entertained? Look no further than Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk. We take corporate events and team-building activities to the next level for a monstrous and memorable time that everyone will be talking about long after. 

Neon decorations at the glow-in-the-dark mini golf course at a Monster Mini Golf location.

At Monster Mini Golf, our Masters of Entertainment are ready to help you plan your corporate event or team-building events near Seekonk. We offer a wide range of packages to suit your group size and specific needs. You can also host your occasion as a private event before our regular business hours or reserve our entire facility at a time that best works for you. 

All of our corporate event and team-building packages include:

  • 18 holes of indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf
  • Arcade time
  • Fun prizes and rewards

We also offer upgrade options, such as unlimited mini golf and arcade play, as well as food and drink options. Additionally, our facilities have private Haunted Mansion event rooms you can add to your event package for the duration of your event. We can even work with you if you plan on hiring an outside caterer to take care of your food and beverage needs for your corporate event.

Our uniquely themed indoor mini golf and arcade are monster-themed. Our facility was carefully designed to incorporate pop culture, local folklore, and local elements everyone will enjoy. Our Masters of Entertainment entertains guests and employees with trivia questions, on-course challenges, and head-to-head friendly competitions. You can even take over our indoor W.I.R.D. radio station and play the tunes you want during your event. 

You are free to customize your team-building or corporate event activities from our featured attractions, including:

  • Monster Mini Golf: Our 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf is perfect for friendly challenges and team-building.
  • Monstrous arcade: Our monstrous arcade is home to a wide range of classic and modern games for everyone, such as Skee Ball, Basketball Hoops, Glow Air Hockey, prize cranes, Jurassic Park, and more. 
  • Laser maze: Our laser maze is the perfect competition game. People can go head-to-head or challenge one another in teams. The maze can be configured to meet different objectives, such as escaping without touching any lasers in the fastest time.

At Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk, we understand you will have specific needs and objectives for your corporate event or team-building activity. We are happy to assist you in any way we can with planning the event. We want to be your preferred choice for fun company event venues in Seekonk. Feel free to stop by to speak with one of our expert event planners or call us directly today.

Seekonk Corporate Events and Team-Building Activities faq

We offer several different corporate events and team-building base packages that can be further customized to your specific needs. Base packages start at $12 per person. We also offer a buy-out option when you want to host a private event and have exclusive access to our mini golf and arcade gaming facility.  

During your corporate event or team-building activity, you can enjoy 18 holes of our indoor glow-in-the-dark monster-themed mini golf course, arcade play in our arcade, and our laser maze challenge.

It is easy to book a corporate event at Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk using one of these methods:

  • Call us: You can call and speak with one of our event planners and coordinators to choose your event package, add different options, and customize it to suit your specific needs.
  • Visit us in person: You can also stop by our location or make an appointment ahead of time to visit our location in person. Our event planners and coordinators will enjoy giving you a tour of our facility, explaining our different package options, and assisting you in planning a monstrous corporate event.

Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk is the perfect venue for birthday parties, field trips, youth club events, celebrations, summer daycare, summer camp outings, and more. No matter what type of event you are planning, we are the perfect venue for hosting it.