The laser maze is an exhilarating game that challenges your agility and problem-solving skills. As you step into a dimly lit room filled with swirling laser beams, your mission is to navigate through the maze without touching any of them. Whether you’re a beginner taking on your first adventure or an experienced player looking to improve your speed and accuracy, our tips will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to conquer the laser maze like a pro.

The entrance to "The Vault," a laser beam challenge at Monster Mini Golf.

Laser Maze Tips and Tricks

There are many different ways to conquer the laser maze using these tips and tricks:

  • Assess the layout: Take a moment to look around and review the maze and where the laser beams are located. Look for obstacles and potential paths that can help you escape. Also, pay attention to openings or large gaps that make navigating the space easier. 
  • Stay low: Most lasers are positioned at waist level or higher, so crouching or crawling on all fours, like some of our monsters, can make it easier to maneuver through tight spaces without risking contact with lasers
  • Pay attention to what is around you: While you will be focused on the laser beams directly in front of you, don’t forget to look around you as you move through the maze. You may discover an easier path to the exit. 
  • Move slowly and deliberately: Take your time and plan each move with careful steps, bends, and crawls to maintain a slow and steady pace
  • Time your movements: Observe patterns in the laser beams and look for holes and gaps that you can easily move through to make swift progress through part of the maze 
  • Memorization is key: Memorizing the maze sections you successfully got through will help you navigate the maze faster and have more time to get through the more challenging sections
  • Stay calm and have fun: It’s important to stay calm and remember to have fun. You can always try again if you don’t make it through the first time. 
  • Practice makes perfect: The more you play in the laser maze, the better you’ll become at finding efficient paths through the lasers

Laser Maze FAQs

A laser maze is an interactive game that involves navigating through a maze of laser beams without touching them.

Our Gaithersburg laser maze is safe and uses low-powered lasers that are not harmful to monsters or humans. However, following the rules and guidelines provided by our helpful staff is important to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. 

There can be many paths to get through a laser maze. So use our tips and tricks above and have fun exploring how many different ways you can navigate through the maze. 

Yes, you can add our laser maze to your Monster Mini Golf field trip

Yes, as the only monster birthday party venue in Gaithersburg, our monsters want you to have a personalized birthday party celebration that you will remember.

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