Ropes Course

Test out your catlike reflexes with our Ropes Course. It’s another glow-in-the-dark experience where you’re hanging directly over the golf course! See if you can make your way through the jungle of ropes.


Navigating the perils of our Glow in the Dark ropes course is only possible with catlike reflexes!  Plus, it all takes place directly above our Monster Mini Golf course!  Engineered for safety and designed for fun, adventurers will enjoy suspended bridges, a cargo net, rope ladders and more!  Our guest’s safety is upheld with a full body harness and redundant sling line, which is inserted into the overhead track keeping them connected at all times.  Taking on the challenges at their own pace, it’s an activity that combine family, fitness and fun!

How To Find A Monster Ropes Course Near Me

With multiple locations and a variety of activities to experience, there are plenty of reasons to spend a day of Monstrous fun with your family and friends. Check on our Monster Mini Golf website and find your nearest location using your zip code.



Engineered for safety and designed for fun, adventurers will enjoy suspended bridges, a cargo net, rope ladders, and more with our ropes course. You’ll need catlike reflexes to get through this challenge as you dangle high in the air. But don’t worry! Your safety is our top priority, so you’ll be harnessed the entire time.

The benefits of a ropes course come in all shapes and sizes. It’s excellent for teambuilding skills, works out all the muscles in your body, even those overlooked muscles, and boosts self-confidence upon completion.

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Rope courses are excellent for children because they allow them to be active, challenge their minds with problem-solving skills, and enable them to rely on others to finish the challenge. Teamwork is an absolute must, and it’ll be a monstrously good time as your children climb through our challenge. A ropes course can make a positive and lasting impact on children of all ages.

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