Monster Mini Golf is not just a unique and exciting destination but also an ideal venue for an unforgettable field trip for kids. We combine the thrill of miniature golf with monster madness in every aspect of our creatively and meticulously designed monster-themed mini golf course. Our vibrant and interactive environment goes beyond your traditional recreational activities; we offer students the opportunity to hone their coordination skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie and good sportsmanship.

A glow-in-the-dark indoor golf course at Monster Mini Golf.

Our imaginative and well-crafted courses, coupled with our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, make our facility a standout choice when compiling your list of field trip ideas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as our unique facility, make Monster Mini Golf the premiere field trip destination for all. And we can’t forget about our life-size interactive monsters you won’t soon forget.

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Our mini golf glow-in-the-dark holes are expertly designed to offer students a challenge that will put their critical thinking skills to the test in order to overcome the obstacles they will face. Simply lining up the shot won’t cut it with our mini golf holes.

In addition to mini golf, we offer an impressive arcade to further enhance your overall entertainment value during your field trip. Our lineup of games caters to all interests and skill levels, allowing students to engage in friendly competition while diversifying their gaming experience.

From timeless classics like Pac-Man and Pinball to race simulators and the newest in arcade gaming fun, we have something to suit every preference. Arcade gaming not only adds an extra layer of fun but also encourages friendly social interaction and good sportsmanship among peers.

Monster Mini Golf took every step to modernize and add a dynamic dimension to our facility by offering virtual reality as well. Students will be immersed and captivated by the new worlds they will discover at Monster Mini Golf. Virtual reality provides an activity like never before, allowing students to not only witness a new world but be a part of and interact with it. We at Monster Mini Golf cater to all age groups and the diverse needs of our patrons to ensure age-appropriate fun. A field trip with us will surely be an enriching adventure you won’t forget.

Monster Mini Golf isn’t just for traditional students either. We offer fun for all ages as well as educational types. We should be number one on your list of public, private, or homeschool field trip ideas! Our diverse amenities cater to our just as diverse clientele. Fun for everyone is a motto we stand by and one we live up to every time.

Our trifecta of mini golf, arcade games, and virtual reality at Monster Mini Golf makes us a one-stop shop for a well-rounded and appealing destination for your next field trip. Our diverse range of activities fosters physical and cognitive development and ensures students have a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience with their visit.

Why are field trips good for children?

  • Academics: Studies have indicated that field trips help build on the foundations of observation, interaction, and narratives. Overall, field trips have been linked to the expansion of children’s knowledge base and the retention of information.
  • Foster’s hands-on learning: Field trips offer the opportunity to utilize various modalities to promote learning rather than being restricted to the confines of textbooks and digital media education
  • Enhances social skills: Field trips are students’ opportunity to interact with their peers and others in a new environment and navigate the ins and outs of social contexts. Field trips encourage teamwork and collaboration among peers to navigate their new settings.
  • Promotes better student-teacher relationship: To students, teachers are a kind of enigma, an authority, and an educator. Field trips allow students to engage with their teachers in a way that a typical school day cannot achieve. Students can see their teachers in a new and fun way, opening the door for a more trusting and relaxed relationship.

What Makes a Good Field Trip?

Think back to your most memorable field trip; why does it stand out? Maybe it was the destination, the activities, or just the overall excitement of a day away from school with no textbooks or academic expectations doing something fun.

Knowing what makes a good field trip can be tricky, but thinking back on what made your field trips so memorable can give some insight into this question and tell you all you need to know about planning a good field trip. Planning a fun field trip can be as simple as providing an engaging hands-on experience, a well-planned itinerary, and a safe and inclusive environment.

Should Homeschooled/Alternative School Children go on Field Trips?

Without a shadow of a doubt, homeschooled and alternative school children should be encouraged to participate in field trips, as they provide an invaluable learning opportunity outside the typical classroom setting. 

A decoration of a vampire bear from Monster Mini Golf.

A school is where children typically meet their social needs and learn vital social and communication skills. Field trips can provide these necessary skills to homeschooled students who may not experience frequent social interactions on a regular basis. These activities allow students to interact with peers and the community, contributing to their overall development. 

In a nutshell, incorporating field trips into the curriculum of homeschooled and alternative school students enhances their educational journey and personal growth. 

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