A glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf course at Monster Mini Golf.

When you want to upgrade your family game night, you should host a mini golf tournament near you at Monster Mini Golf. Our glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf course is full of thrills, chills, and tons of excitement from our friendly monsters. Some are even no longer afraid of humans and will interact with you and your family. You will want to make a regular event once you host your first mini golf tournament game night at Monster Mini Golf.

Crafting Your Monster Mini Golf Experience

Our monsters are experts at planning the perfect mini golf experience for you and your family. The first thing you need to determine is how many players there will be for your friendly tournament. For groups of 10 or more, our monsters recommend hosting a group event where you have access to one of our private Haunted Mansion rooms and other perks.

Next, you want to decide if you want to go head-to-head with one another or if you want to pair off into teams. Teams are great, especially if you have small children. This way, they have the help and support of an adult to keep things fun and exciting. The objective is still the same: you or your team want to have the lowest score possible at the end of the course. 

Additionally, you will want to decide if you will have prizes for making a hole-in-one or a trophy for the winner. Another great option for mini golf for kids is to get one of our mini golf packages with an arcade game card. You can take a break from mini golf to play monstrous arcade games and win tickets you can redeem for prizes.

Mini Golf Tournament Formats

There are a few different mini golf tournament formats, such as:

  • Everyone tees off together: This is an idea for small groups, where one person or team goes first, then the next person or team goes. Basically, everyone takes a turn, and the play continues until everyone has sunk their ball.

  • Staggered tee times: This option is for larger family groups. Each group is given a tee time and starts five or ten minutes apart.
  • Shotgun tee-off: This style is also good for a larger group. One group starts at the first hole and plays all the way through. The other groups start at a different hole, skip the 18th hole, and play that one last. For instance, they start at the 4th hole, play through the 17th hole, then play the 1st through 3rd holes, and then finish at the 18th hole.

Tips for Future Mini Golf Tournaments

Enjoying a family mini golf tournament game night does not have to be limited to just your family. You could challenge your neighbors, your kids’ friends’ families, or other relatives, like your parents or siblings. Plus, family golf is a great way to spend time together without inviting everyone to your house.  

Some families also like to have ongoing tournaments at our mini golf locations, where they play over the course of several weeks until a winner is crowned. In this tournament option, each week’s scores are added up, and whoever has the lowest score at the end of the tournament series wins.

Another option is to go all out and turn your indoor mini golf tournament into a group event at Monster Mini Golf by taking advantage of our group and birthday party venue. Our Masters of Entertainment are happy to assist you in reserving a private event room. You can even include pizza, soft drinks, and other food for the best family game night ever.

Plan Your Indoor Mini Golf Tournament at Monster Mini Golf Today

A neon decoration at Monster Mini Golf.

Planning a mini golf tournament can be a great way to amp up family game nights or outings. The style and structure of the tournament can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire since you can make up the style and structure of the tournament however best fits your family. At Monster Mini Golf, we are here to help in any way we can to ensure your family has a monstrous, fun-filled time. 

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