Hosting events and parties is a fantastic way to bring people together for a common purpose. Perhaps you’re looking for unique event ideas for your next team-building exercise with your employees. Maybe you’re planning an upcoming family event to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or wedding.

Whatever the reason for your event or party planning, mini golf parties are the perfect way to bring people together. At Monster Mini Golf, we have all the attractions and amenities you need to create a memorable event!

A glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf course at Monster Mini Golf.

Where To Host a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are an excellent way for young kids and those young at heart to celebrate personal milestones.

Birthday Parties for Kids

Monster Mini Golf is one of the best kids’ birthday party places around. Our glow-in-the-dark mini golf course and music create the perfect atmosphere for a fun, memorable round of mini golf. Plus, when you book a group birthday party, you get access to a private Haunted Mansion room where your group can eat and open presents. You send out the invitations and arrive when it’s time to party, and our team will handle the setup and cleanup for your child’s birthday party!

Birthday Parties for Teens 

Teens looking for a parent-free birthday can enjoy a round of mini golf and hang out with friends in a safe environment with plenty of entertainment! In addition to mini golf, teens can take advantage of our arcade and other attractions.

Birthday Parties for Adults

Celebrate adult birthdays with a round of Monster Mini Golf. Mini golf is the perfect option for those who want a family-friendly activity for people of all ages, and it’s also a great way for a group of adults to celebrate together. 

Birthday Parties for Seniors 

Are you looking for birthday party ideas for a senior family member? Look no further than Monster Mini Golf. Mini golf is an excellent activity for seniors because it promotes movement and hand-eye coordination, but it’s low impact, and your group can move at its own pace. Plus, a round of mini golf is the perfect way to spark memories of prior mini golf outings while making new ones.

How To Host a Good Party

Hosting a successful party or event starts with identifying your purpose. Your event goals shape the guest list and itinerary and guide your planning every step of the way.


Monster Mini Golf is a superb fundraising option! There are many worthy causes fundraising throughout the year, and offering donors a way to have some fun while supporting a worthy cause is a great way to ensure you get an impressive response to your fundraiser. We make it easy for you to succeed because you schedule your fundraiser, promote the fundraiser, and show up! Our team ensures everything is ready for your fundraiser; afterward, you get a percentage of the proceeds. It’s that simple!

Group Events 

An almost endless number of groups may need a group events venue. Suppose your book club wants to enjoy an activity night related to one of your recent reads, or your organization’s youth group wants to plan fun outings for the kids. Perhaps you serve on a board, and you’re looking for a year-end activity to thank board members for their service. Whatever the reason, planning a mini golf group event is the perfect way to create a memorable occasion your company will love. Call us to book a package and time, and we’ll be ready for your group when you arrive.

Corporate and Employee Events 

Corporate and employee events can serve multiple purposes. These events are a great way to promote communication and emphasize team-building skills. A Monster Mini Golf corporate event is also an effective way to encourage positive interactions and thank people for their contributions. You can customize your corporate and employee events to suit any agenda, ensuring you host a successful event for your colleagues.

Why Should I Host a Party at Monster Mini Golf?

A Monster Mini Golf party is the perfect way to achieve your event or party goals.

A private event room at Monster Mini Golf.

Play More and Save 

Monster Mini Golf offers party packages, allowing you to bundle activities for one low rate! You’ll save money and deliver fun activity options for your guests. You can plan the number of activities for your mini golf party suited to your group members’ ages, interests, and budgets to ensure everyone has a great time.

Eliminate Your Weather Worries 

Booking a mini golf party at our indoor mini golf course is the perfect way to plan an event or party that doesn’t need a backup plan. You don’t have to worry about extreme heat or heavy rain disrupting your plans! Enjoy your activities inside our climate-controlled facility without worrying about rescheduling because of the weather. 

Endless Reasons To Party

Monster Mini Golf is a fantastic choice for anniversaries, graduation, and retirement parties. We’re also perfect for baby showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

All the Essentials

Enjoy our atmospheric mini golf course and use a private room for your event. Many of our locations offer food and drink, and we have all the essentials and a staff team who will look after your needs during your event.