When you are looking for more than indoor miniature golf in Denver, look no further than Monster Mini Golf. Our indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf course is just part of the monstrous fun waiting for you. Not only do we have cool monsters to keep you entertained as you brave 18 holes of mini golf, but we also have an indoor gaming arcade and virtual reality (VR) attractions to keep you on your toes.

Woman with Virtual Reality Goggles

What is Virtual Reality? 

VR is a simulated environment and gaming experience that is out of this world. Players wear headsets that generate the environment all around them. In King Kong of Skull Island VR, players get to experience Skull Island in stunning detail as they navigate through the terrain in their own 4×4 vehicle. 

How do VR Games Work?

Instead of having video game controls, buttons, or joysticks, users use their hands to interact with their virtual environment. At our VR arcade in Denver, when playing King Kong, you simply use your hand to naturally interact with oversized creatures and perform various game commands. The ride vehicle is in a safe location where you sit throughout the game and do not have to worry about running into other people or games. 

How Old do you Have to be to Play VR Games?

VR games are generally for tweens and teens because most VR headsets will not fit younger kids. King Kong of Skull Island VR was designed for kids aged five and older. So, when parents are searching for a “VR arcade near me” in Denver that younger monsters can enjoy, they can count on Monster Mini Golf. However, parents do need to be aware that some kids can experience motion sickness with VR games.

How Long is King Kong Skull Island VR?

Each VR game in the ride cabinet and VR environment is about three minutes long. There are a total of three different chapters to choose from for your adventure:

  • Skull Island: Take your first steps into the jungles and surroundings as you search for King Kong
  • Return to Skull Island: Things will have changed since your first trip to Skull Island, and this chapter provides an entirely new experience
  • Volcano Island: Ride through the underground temples on Skull Island and find your way out before the final volcanic battle featuring King Kong in the Volcano Island chapter

Experience King Kong Skull Island at Monster Mini Golf Today

Two kids playing king kong VR game at Monster Mini Golf

When looking for “virtual reality near me,” experience the thrilling world of King Kong in full HD VR at Monster Mini Golf. Grab your family and friends, or plan an exciting date night with jaw-dropping VR excitement as you experience all three chapters of this monstrous game. Be sure to ask about our current promotions and packages, including birthday parties and special events that can be customized to include mini golf, our arcade games, and VR games. Plan your visit to Monster Mini Golf today.