Monster Mini Golf provides customizable fundraising solutions tailored to suit any organization’s requirements and its members’ financial plans. Each fundraising option is offered at a per-person rate, discounted from the standard retail price to provide savings for your organization’s members and help you achieve your revenue goals.

Mini Golf Only FundraiserAttractions Bundle Fundraiser
1 Round of Monster Mini Golf
Arcade Game Play$10 Arcade Game Play
Package PriceTBDTBD
Promotional Materials
Electronic Sales Page
Dedicated Event
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Choose from our mini golf or attractions bundle fundraisers, each packed with excitement. Plus, we offer promotional materials, an electronic sales page, and the chance to host a dedicated event at our venue to help you raise money.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Reach out to us and pick your fundraiser
  2. Buy as many fundraising cards as you need
  3. Opt for any extra perks
  4. Spread the word and share your unique fundraiser link
  5. Host the event, have a blast, and collect your funds!

Contact us now and kick off your fun-filled fundraiser today!

Hosting a fundraiser at Monster Mini Golf in Marietta offers an exciting, glow-in-the-dark mini golf experience perfect for fundraising events. The locally inspired, hand-painted artwork adorning the course provides a cultural touchstone that can enhance the theme of your event.

Coupled with dynamic music and visual effects, this vibrant atmosphere ensures a memorable experience for all attendees. From fundraisers for schools to charities and nonprofits to sports teams, we have something for everyone.

Our monstrous gaming arcade offers a variety of entertainment options suitable for all ages. There’s something for everyone, from the latest tech games to timeless classics. This variety can attract a larger crowd, increase engagement, and raise funds for your charity and causes.

At Monster Mini Golf, we offer virtual reality simulators for an immersive fundraising experience. These VR games can attract a diverse crowd, especially high school students, and provide unique experiences that encourage higher donations.

A glow-in-the-dark indoor golf course at Monster Mini Golf.
A glow-in-the-dark indoor golf course at Monster Mini Golf.

Monster Mini Golf is not limited to mini golf fundraisers. We have hosted a variety of successful events, including the following:

Celebrate Your Birthday at Monster Mini Golf in Marietta

Turn your birthday into an unforgettable adventure at Monster Mini Golf in Marietta! Our package includes a 90-minute reservation in our Haunted Mansion room, mini golf, and arcade play. We handle the setup and cleanup, ensuring a stress-free experience at our Marietta birthday party venue.

Elevate Your Marietta Gathering With Monster Mini Golf

Transform your social or corporate event in Marietta into an adventure at Monster Mini Golf. Step away from the traditional and dive into a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere. Tailored for businesses, youth groups, clubs, and more, our events offer a distinctive and exciting experience for any group size. 

Unleash the Fun With Field Trips at Monster Mini Golf in Marietta

For extraordinary field trips at GA, plan your next adventure at Monster Mini Golf. Our packages, designed for groups of 12 or more, offer 90 minutes of non-stop entertainment and excitement. Regardless of your group size, we have options for everyone, including private events and exclusive facility buyouts for a more personalized experience.

Fundraising With Monster Mini Golf in Marietta

Elevate your fundraising event at Monster Mini Golf in Marietta! Our unique venue offers 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf, promising attendees a fun and engaging experience. An interactive course entertainer and DJ will keep the energy high throughout the event.

Plus, our posh, private, and spacious event rooms are perfect for hosting key discussions or presentations. Choose Monster Mini Golf in Marietta for a memorable fundraising event that stands out and raises funds.

18 Holes of Glow-In-The-Dark Indoor Monster Mini Golf
Interactive Course Entertainer and DJ
State-of-the-Art Arcade and Prize Center
Posh, private and spacious event rooms

1. Specific date facility reservation for your organization
2. Co-branded online fundraising sales web page to share within your organization
3. Co-branded flyers and materials to distribute within your organization
4. Custom designed fundraising attractions options

Monster Mini Golf donates a pre-determined percentage of all fundraising revenue back to your organization, based on your event details. Contact us to discuss your potential fundraising event.

1. Contact Monster Mini Golf today
2. Choose your event date and time
3. Choose your attractions offers
4. Receive and distribute flyers throughout your organization
5. Receive and share your sales website throughout your organization
6. Host your event
7. Receive your revenue

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