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Monster Mini Golf Eatontown

Looking to mix up your corporate event this year and need a fun company event venue with a special twist to make it memorable? Look no further than Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown. This blacklight and monster-themed event facility is guaranteed to entertain the entire team while still helping build your team’s camaraderie. 

Here are a few reasons corporate teams are coming to Monster Mini Golf:

  • Blacklight, hand-painted 18 hole mini golf course
  • Monster-sized arcade center
  • Virtual reality station
  • Pop-up challenges and trivia questions
  • Private Haunted Room
  • Special corporate packages
  • Prizes and rewards

With hand-painted monsters towering over you on every hole, our 18 hole course is filled with hidden gems and local-themed murals to entertain everyone on your team. Our monsters do more than intimidate; they talk, move, and even tell jokes while you battle to a low score. Your team will also access our monster arcade center and virtual reality station, where the team’s communication and skills are put to the test.


Monday – Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Neon decorations at a Monster Mini Golf location.

Why Teams Love Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown

At Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown, employees get the rare opportunity to build team chemistry and cohesion in a fun, relaxing, and interactive environment. The cherry on top is that you can opt for special packages reserved for larger parties to get massive discounts on all of our corporate event activities.

Instead of heading out to places that only offer one activity for your team to enjoy, head over to Monster Mini Golf, where everyone can find something they like under one roof. Our hand-painted animatronic monsters and detailed environments put your team in another world where cooperation and communication are the only keys to success.

Craft your tailored corporate package at Monster Mini Golf with our four different options for larger parties. 

  • Ghostly Gala: Our most affordable package includes two large pizzas with two large soft drinks and arcade cards
  • Bones Bash: Receive one Monster Mini Golf t-shirt, two large pizzas and drinks, and arcade cards with higher limits for guests
  • Monster Mania: This package comes with two pizzas, three drinks, Glow Handprint experience, Monster Challenge experience, return passes, t-shirt, and arcade cards
  • VIM: Our most exclusive package, you’ll get pizzas, drinks, return passes, the Monster Challenge experience, control of W.I.R.D. airwaves, unlimited mini golf, and up to 25 guests

For any of our packages, you’ll have your own private room to help you unwind after a day full of activities.

Monster Mini Golf is filled with corporate-friendly team-building activities in Monmouth County that build chemistry and camaraderie. Take a look at what makes our location special and what kind of activities your team would look forward to. 

A vibrant playground of neon colors and blacklights, our mini golf course is the perfect fun company group event place for your team to unwind and have fun in a completely different environment. They’ll be challenged through every hole by towering hand-painted monsters that talk, move, and tell crude jokes. You’ll even find local-themed murals and hidden gems that help you feel at home among our monsters.

Guiding you along your adventure is our Master of Entertainment, who keeps everyone on their toes with trivia questions and mini-challenges. They’ll be playing fun grooves to keep the atmosphere light and fun among the dark and spooky monsters. Put your staff into teams to create stronger bonds or pit everyone against each other to see who has the competitive fire. 

Our monster arcade center is your team’s portal to another time when things were simpler and responsibilities didn’t matter. You’ll find arcade classics like Pac-Man and Big Bass Fishing that you grew up on, as well as interactive, new games that you might never want to stop playing. 

Play the right games in our arcade, and you’ll start to earn tickets for doing well. Collect enough, and you can exchange them at our prize counter for fun and entertaining rewards. Get your taste of nostalgia while letting them blow off steam by competing with each other in friendly arcade games that won’t make a difference in the P&L.

Virtual reality offers corporate teams a unique and immersive way to collaborate and problem-solve. By stepping into virtual worlds like those of Virtual Rabbids or King Kong of Skull Island, team members are given rare opportunities to work together in unknown, challenging situations. 

Your staff will explore creativity and innovation in a safe, controlled environment. Through virtual reality experiences, employees can develop communication, decision-making, and leadership skills while having fun and bonding with their colleagues. Teams of two can be created for each game to help battle the worlds together.

Corporate Events and Team-Building Activities FAQs

Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown offers several corporate event packages, starting at $295 and going up to $625.

At Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown, your team has access to a number of team-building activities, including blacklight mini golf, a monster arcade center, and a virtual reality station. 

You can book a corporate event at Monster Mini Golf in Eatontown using our Build Your Party portal, via email, or by phone at (732) 544-2200.

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