Company Events That Rock (And Roll)!

Tired of the same old boring Company or Group Event? Looking for something unique and fun to entertain and invigorate your friends, family or co-workers? If so, look no further than Monster Mini Golf! Group Events are great for both adults and young adults alike. Companies, youth groups, clubs, etc. can all enjoy unlimited entertainment and be able to relax in our private haunted mansion event rooms. We guarantee to get the laughs rolling and the competitive juices flowing as each event features:

  • Private Haunted Mansion Event rooms
  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf
  • Prizes and Fun awards


  • Additional Arcade Game Play
  • Food and refreshment options

Group Event Package Options

Fiend FestSkeleton SoireeThe Beast
18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf
1 Game of Laser Tag
Arcade Game Play$15.00 per person$15.00 per person$20.00 per person
Private Haunted Mansion Event Rooms 1 Room2 Rooms2 Rooms
Minimum Number of Participants15 guests15 guests30 guests
Event Duration2 Hours2 Hours2 Hour Private Event
Large Cheese Pizza1
Large Pepperoni Pizza2
Soda and Water Service
Package Price$20.00 per person$30.00 per person$45.00 per person
Large Cheese Pizza$14.00 each$14.00 each$14.00 each
Large Pepperoni Pizza$15.00 each$15.00 each$15.00 each
Chicken Fingers Basket$14.99 each$14.99 each$14.99 each
Chicken Wings Basket$14.99 each$14.99 each$14.99 each
Appetizer Platter$14.95 each$14.95 each$14.95 each
French Fry Basket$8.99 each$8.99 each$8.99 each
Soda and Water ServiceTBDTBDTBD

Group Event pricing for groups of 15 or more participants is available. Monster Mini Golf can accommodate groups of all shapes and sizes and even have private event and facility buyout options should you desire additional privacy and exclusivity.

Booking a Group Event at Monster Mini Golf is easy, simply contact us to start the booking process.

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