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Are you bored of your usual field trips? Step into our spooktacular world, with attractions that offer endless fun and event options that meet your needs. We guarantee an unforgettable experience for students of all ages. Let’s party with monsters and stimulate your senses with adventure, games, and prizes!

1 Round of Monster Mini Golf
Laser Tag Attraction (1 Game)Unlimited
Arcade Game Play$3.00$4.00$5.00$7.00
Laser Maze Attraction (1 Play)Unlimited
Slice of Cheese Pizza
Fountain Drink
Package Price$9.99$12.99$14.99$19.99
Additional Arcade Game PlayAny Amount

Children will leave begging to come back as they participate in our 1.5 hours of non-stop fun and entertainment featuring:

  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf
  • Arcade Play
  • Additional Arcade play options

Field Trip pricing is discounted from normal admission fees and is applicable for groups of 15 children and above. Booking a Field Trip at Monster Mini Golf is easy! Give us a call today to reserve your upcoming event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spaces fill up quickly for periods of the year when school is not in session.

At Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly, we offer a variety of thrilling attractions that will keep your students entertained for hours:

Monster Mini Golf

Forget ordinary. Dive into the darkness with our glow-in-the-dark mini golf. We feature monstrous obstacles and a unique and immersive experience that your students will love. They’ll navigate through ghoulish territories, brave treacherous obstacles, and come face-to-face with menacing creatures of the dark!

An indoor mini golf course that is glow-in-the-dark at Monster Mini Golf.

Our 18 hole mini golf course is one you won’t soon forget. Our interactive monsters are at every corner, waiting in the shadows to interact with students as they make their way through our illuminated and expertly designed course. You won’t be able to contain the laughter and elation you’ll hear from the start to the finish of your 1.5-hour Fairfax County field trip!


Students are in for a treat with our fully stocked arcade, packed with the latest games and classic favorites! From race simulators to air hockey, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our arcade is a gamer’s paradise and fun for all ages. We take great care in ensuring our arcade is stocked with diverse games and up-to-date on the newest entertainment in gaming. Don’t forget to collect tickets for awesome prizes!

Virtual Reality

Leap into scaringly real new worlds with our state of the art virtual reality. Your students will be transported to fantastical worlds where they can explore new territory while sparking their imaginations and leaving them wanting more. Students become part of the game through simulation of sight, sound, and movement, creating an interactive and entertaining adventure. Our VR attractions include Virtual  Rabbids, King Kong, and more, with various options for students to enjoy. Our incorporation of VR technology at Monster Mini Golf demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative and engaging entertainment for visitors of all ages. 

Laser Maze Challenge

Our laser maze is a popular attraction that tests your agility and speed. Equipped with high-tech lasers, your students will need to navigate through a web of beams without breaking a single one. It will take strategy and focus to avoid breaking the beams and achieve the best possible time. It’s an adrenaline-pumping activity that tests their spy and problem-solving skills. Our laser maze is just one of the many interactive and family-friendly attractions that make Monster Mini Golf a top choice for parties, group outings, field trips, and casual fun.


Nothing at Monster Mini Golf conforms to the ordinary. We offer a unique twist on traditional bowling with our glow-in-the-dark mini bowling attraction. Our scaled-down version of ten-pin bowling features shorter lanes raised from the floor, making it easier on the back and accessible for players of all ages. Our smaller, lighter balls ensure that even young children can participate and enjoy the game. Our mini bowling complements our other offerings, making Monster Mini Golf the perfect field trip destination to get top-notch fun from various attractions all in one place. 

Laser Tag

There’s no limit to the exhilarating attractions at Monster Mini Golf. Our laser tag experience just adds to our array of entertainment options available. Our laser tag arena provides a heart-pumping and adrenaline-fueled adventure, perfect for friends, family, and classmates looking to enjoy a high-energy, team-based game. Our interactive and competitive attraction is designed for all age groups, making it an ideal choice for a fun and exciting outing if you’re hunting for “laser tag near me.”

Not only are our attractions out of this world, but we specialize in hosting events that cater to your needs:

An indoor mini golf course that is glow-in-the-dark at Monster Mini Golf.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate birthdays in style at Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly! Our party packages include everything you need for an unforgettable birthday bash. Our private party rooms and dedicated party hosts ensure the fun doesn’t stop by providing delicious food and thrilling activities that cater to the clientele. We take care of every detail from start to finish so you can let go of the stress that comes with party planning and entertaining and instead be part of the fun and create memories you’ll cherish forever. Monster Mini Golf is the top choice of birthday party venues in Chantilly!

Group Events

Are you planning a group outing? Look no further! Our group event packages are perfect for school groups, sports teams, work outings, clubs, and more. With special rates and customizable options, we ensure everyone has a blast while staying within your budget. We at Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly ensure that every group event is filled with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories for groups of all sizes and individuals of all ages.  

Field Trips

Bring learning to life with a field trip to Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly. Our field trip packages combine fun and education, allowing students to explore our attractions while learning vital life skills such as social skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Our interactive experience fosters understanding of various concepts, making Monster Mini Golf the perfect place if you’re searching for “field trips near me!”

At Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for students and teachers alike. With our thrilling attractions and exciting events, your field trip will be one they’ll remember for years to come. Ditch the boring traditional field trips and opt for an immersive experience that allows for learning in a fun, kid-friendly environment!


Our diverse range of engaging activities makes Monster Mini Golf in Chantilly an excellent choice for your next field trip! Our venue offers a unique glow-in-the-dark mini golf experience, complete with animated monsters, pulsating music, and entertaining audio-visual effects, ensuring a fun and memorable time for all students. 

A mini golf field trip is a unique and exciting choice for students due to the engaging and interactive hands-on nature of the experience. Children can learn new skills and concepts without realizing they are doing so. A mini golf field trip is the equivalent of hiding vegetables in a child’s favorite foods. They get the stuff that is good for them while having no idea what they are doing, making the skills and concepts they learn more permanent. 

Fun field trips like mini golfing can be highly beneficial for homeschooled children. These experiences provide engaging and interactive opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Mini golfing, in particular, offers a unique blend of entertainment and skill development, allowing students to hone skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and basic physics concepts in a fun and relaxed environment.

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