Laser tag is popular for social activities with friends, school field trips, and corporate activities! If you’re planning your next (or first!) game of laser tag, you have a couple of Georges to thank for this activity. In 1977, George Lucas changed the cinematic landscape with the release of Star Wars: A New Hope. Lucas wrote and directed Star Wars, introducing audiences to memorable characters in an adventure story that triumphed at the box office, paving the way for a franchise that still thrives today.

Woman Having fun Playing Laser Tag

Star Wars’ cutting-edge special effects inspired George Carter III to create Photon. This original laser tag game lets players immerse themselves in a laser battle in a controlled environment. Since its invention, laser tag has spread around the globe. 

Engaging in an activity with friends, family, or peers makes laser tag fun for some. Perhaps you’re trying laser tag for the first time. You might be interested in some laser tag tips for beginners. Maybe this is a team event, and you want your team to be on top. Using some laser tag tips is a great way to improve your game and win at laser tag. 

Things you should know about laser tag 

Enjoying and succeeding at any game begins with understanding how it works. When planning your first game of laser tag, you should know some critical things. 

How do you win at team laser tag? 

Laser tag is a team game. To win, your team must score the most points.

How do you score a point?

You get a point when your laser gun’s beam connects with the sensors on a player’s vest, scoring a hit. 

What happens to a hit player? 

When a player’s hit by a beam, they may either be temporarily stunned, which prevents them from shooting opponents, or they may be eliminated from the game. 

How long is a game of laser tag? 

A game of laser tag usually lasts about 15 minutes. It could take longer if players are great at taking cover, making it more challenging to locate and shoot. It could take less time if a team has a great strategy and quickly eliminates opponents. 

How can you get a better aim in laser tag? 

There are multiple sensors on players’ vests. Hitting any sensor scores a point, but the vests’ fronts and backs have larger targets. Focusing on smaller targets on the vests’ sides makes it harder to score a hit. You’ll succeed better if you focus on the larger marks on the front and back. 

Winning at laser tag

Take advantage of these laser tag tips to win your next laser tag game.


Developing a strategy is a crucial step toward laser tag victory. When your team works together, you can create ways to lure opponents into the open, making them easier to locate and defeat.


You may have a corporate event or a laser tag tournament coming up. Visit the laser tag arena to learn its layout. Identify places where players can take cover to avoid being a sitting duck during your game.

Find cover 

Laser tag games have bushes and barriers you can use for cover. Shielding yourself from opponents prevents them from hitting your sensors so you can stay alive in the game. It can also be a great way to catch opponents when they’re searching for you.

Work together 

Working with your team gives you the best chance of success. You might decide to have some players lure opponents into visible areas where shooting their sensors is easy. 

Limit your exposure 

If it’s harder for you to hit the smaller targets on a vest’s sides, it’s harder for opponents to hit your smaller targets. Walking sideways puts your smaller targets in the front and back, giving opponents less space to shoot and making it harder for them to score points. 

Be patient

Sometimes, taking cover and waiting is the best strategy. Many players get impatient and look for opponents to eliminate. This gives you an excellent opportunity to hit their sensors when they’re near your concealed location.

Have fun!

Have a good time, and take each game as a learning opportunity. You can learn how your teammates and opponents approached the game, and studying your opponents’ strategy is a great way to pick up some tips and tricks you can use next time!

Laser Tag Teamwork

Why Laser Tag? 

There are many reasons why you should play laser tag! First, this fun activity incorporates strategy, stealth, and aim. Playing laser tag is a great way to promote these skills.

You can have plenty of fun after searching for ‘indoor mini golf near me.’ Laser tag is also an indoor activity, so you aren’t at the mercy of the weather. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or too hot to be outside, you can enjoy a game of laser tag.

Laser tag is a team activity, making it ideal for team sports, large groups of friends, bachelor parties, and team-building activities. Laser tag involves hitting sensors with beams. It doesn’t involve physical contact or shooting physical objects at others, making it a safe activity everyone can enjoy.

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