Spending time with your kids is essential for building a strong relationship. Although spending time together doesn’t have to involve leaving your house, planning special activities is a fantastic way to promote learning, help your child develop interpersonal skills, and encourage physical activity.

Neon decorations surrounding the glow-in-the-dark mini golf course at Monster Mini Golf.

Mini golfing offers all these benefits. Mini golf lets you spend quality time with your older and younger kids, and you can customize your mini golf outings to help your children learn and grow. Plus, you’ll create special family memories you can cherish for years to come!

At What Age Should You First Take Your Kid Mini Golfing? 

Mini golf is perfect for players aged 3 through 93. One of the reasons mini golf is a great family outing is that it’s an activity that appeals to people of all ages. Plus, there’s more than one way to play mini golf, so children don’t have to feel like they can never win because they’re competing against adults.

Another great thing about mini golf is that you can play at your own pace. If you need extra time on the course, let the group behind you go ahead. 

What Are Some Benefits of Playing Mini Golf with Your Kids?

Mini golf offers educational benefits, promotes interpersonal skills, and encourages physical activity.

Educational Benefits 

Mini golf is a popular field trip activity because it promotes learning across several academic subjects, such as:

  • Science: Mini golf is a fantastic way to teach your young ones about physics and kinetic energy. Most holes in a mini golf course involve playing around obstacles and dealing with slopes, supplying you with practical examples of physics in motion.
  • Mathematics: Kids can strengthen math skills by adding scores as they progress through our mini golf course. You can also use a mini golf game to teach children how to calculate probabilities and have them use their team members’ scores at the halfway point to calculate who’s most likely to win. They can also calculate how many calories they burned during a round of mini golf.
  • Art: Our fun mini golf courses are visually stimulating, featuring glow-in-the-dark art throughout the course. Kids can draw inspiration from our courses and create a mini golf hole with art and obstacles.

So, whether you’re a teacher looking to plan a special outing or a parent preparing a day out with your kids, Monster Mini Golf is the perfect activity to keep the young ones learning.

Interpersonal Skills

Playing mini golf is an excellent way to help children develop interpersonal skills. You can play mini golf in teams, encouraging team members to communicate and cooperate throughout the course. 

Suppose you have two children who aren’t getting along. Putting them on the same team and having them take turns hitting the same ball as they progress throughout the course can encourage them to work together to make shots and improve their score. It’s also a great way to help children recognize another person’s skills. They might trade shots if the ball’s position favors one sibling’s skill set, and they have a better chance of getting it in.

Mini golf also promotes problem-solving, particularly if tricky obstacles between the ball and the hole exist. You can also host a team-building event and have your family play against the course, searching for ways to beat the par score for the course.

Physical Perks 

Promoting physical activity is one of the benefits of playing mini golf. Mini golf is a great low-impact activity that helps people of all ages burn some calories, and it’s always fun when kids can play mini golf to burn energy on a cold or rainy day.

Playing mini golf promotes hand-eye coordination. Children can improve their ability to aim while attempting to get the ball into the holes on the course.

Mini golf also encourages players to control their strength. Hitting the ball with the proper force can make the difference between getting it in the hole and sending it right off the course.

Mini Golf and More!

Combine your mini golf game with other activities, including:

A neon decoration of a gargoyle at Monster Mini Golf.

Learn More at a Monster Mini Golf Near You

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Since each Monster Mini Golf location sets its hours and pricing, the best way to get this information involves visiting that location’s page or calling them. Contact the venue closest to you for more details.

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