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Monster Mini Golf Field Trips Rock!

Are you on the hunt for “field trip ideas near me?” You’re in luck! Whether it be a rainy-day activity or looking to pre-plan all your summer activities for your daycare, school, or camp program, Monster Mini Golf is the perfect venue for your next action-packed field trip! Monster Mini Golf provides a physically and mentally stimulating experience for children filled with adventure, games, prizes, smiles, and loads of laughs!

Field Trip Package Options

1 Round of Monster Mini Golf
45 Minutes of Arcade Game Play Value
(redemption tickets not awarded)
2 Laser Maze Games
Package Price$10.00 per child$15.00 per child$18.00 per child

Children will leave begging to come back as they participate in our non-stop fun and entertainment featuring:


  • 18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf
  • Age-appropriate Monster Themed games
  • Prize giveaways


  • Private Haunted Mansion Event Rooms
  • Pizza, popcorn and fountain drinks
  • Laser Maze Attraction
  • Additional Arcade play

Field Trip pricing is discounted from normal admission fees and is applicable for groups of 15 children and above. Booking a Field Trip at Monster Mini Golf is easy! Give us a call today to reserve your upcoming event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spaces fill up quickly for periods of the year when school is not in session.

Field Trips and Other Events You Can Host at Monster Mini Golf

School Field Trips

School field trips allow you to change your class dynamics for the day and immerse your students in hands-on learning experiences! Some people might be surprised just how much your class can learn from playing mini golf!

  • Anatomy: You use more muscles than you might realize when playing mini golf, exploring a virtual reality world, or winding through laser beams in a laser maze! A Monster Mini Golf field trip is an immersive way to get students to identify which muscles they use during different activities!
  • Art inspiration: A round of Monster Mini Golf is the perfect way to introduce students to a glow-in-the-dark art unit! Send your class in with their sketchbooks and have them draw their favorite monster art from our course. You can encourage them to find a source of inspiration to design their glow-in-the-dark monster!
  • Language arts: Introduce your class to journalism with your Monster Mini Golf field trip! Assign students the task of writing an article about their field trip. This is a great way to teach students the difference between hard news and feature stories while promoting interpersonal skills. You can encourage students to interview each other and include some quotes in their articles!
  • Mathematics: Students can reinforce their math skills by adding scores. You can also have a volunteer wait at the 15th hole and get students to project who they think will win the game. This is a great way to teach students about probabilities and encourage them to use reasoning skills!  
  • Physical fitness: Mini golf and the laser maze are perfect low-impact activities that help people burn extra calories while having fun.
A clown decoration at Monster Mini Golf.
Neon decorations at Monster Mini Golf.

Group Field Trips

Check out Monster Mini Golf when you’re looking for group field trip ideas nearby. Field trips aren’t just for students! Maybe you’re looking for a fun activity for a group of seniors from a retirement home in Broward County, Florida, or you want to plan a special outing for adults with disabilities. We’ve got you covered! You don’t have to be a pro golfer to have a great time playing mini golf, and posing for pictures with our marvelous monsters is an excellent way for guests of all ages to have fun!

Monster Mini Golf is also perfect for an outing for board members, support groups, and volunteer groups. 

Corporate Team Building

Are you looking for a Coral Springs corporate team-building session? Look no further! Monster Mini Golf offers the perfect venue for team building. Teams can strategize while playing mini golf and work together to beat our laser maze. Our attractions offer practical ways to promote communication and cooperation, and our memorable activities will stay with your staff when they head back to the office to strategize on corporate matters.

Group Events

Anniversary parties: Enjoy a round of mini golf, head to our arcade to test your luck, and win a prize for the happy couple

Bachelor/bachelorette parties: Looking for a fun way to celebrate your upcoming wedding? Plan a Monster Mini Golf bachelor or bachelorette party where you and your closest friends can have a blast making memories!

Birthday parties: Our Coral Springs birthday venue delivers all the essentials, including cheese pizza, use of a private Haunted Mansion room, and more

Fundraisers: Make money for your favorite cause with a Monster Mini Golf fundraiser

Graduation parties: Celebrate graduation with a Monster Mini Golf party for the graduate and their closest friends! Every graduation is a significant milestone, and when you celebrate with us, you’ll create special memories that last a lifetime!

Retirement parties: Monster Mini Golf is fun for kids of all ages, so it’s a great way to celebrate your upcoming retirement

Field Trips faq

Monster Mini Golf is a fun field trip activity, and there are many reasons to choose Monster Mini Golf in Coral Springs for your next outing! 

  • We’re just ten minutes from Coral Springs Elementary School. Follow NW 110th Avenue to Wiles Road. Turn right, then turn left on Coral Springs Drive. After a right on Westview Ave and a left on NW 98th Lane, you’ll see us on the right.
  • We’re just seven minutes from Coral Springs Middle School via Wiles Road
  • Monster Mini Golf is affordable. We offer discount package rates for customized field trips.
  • Monster Mini Golf is an indoor activity, so you won’t have to worry about rescheduling if it rains

Field trips give students community-based experiences that promote learning. Field trips are memorable because they allow students to get out of the classroom and spend time in a different environment. Fun outings become memorable experiences that have a long-lasting impact on your class! Plus, a Monster Mini Golf field trip is a great way to show your students they can have fun while learning!

A mini golf field trip is a fantastic opportunity to promote social interaction and teamwork. Students play golf together; you can have them play as individuals, partners, or teams. With all these options, you can customize your mini golf field trip to emphasize the skills you want your students to develop.

Monster Mini Golf is the perfect indoor place for field trips in Coral Springs, FL, so you don’t have to worry too much about the weather! Your class will enjoy a climate-controlled environment out of the heat and sunshine.

Students should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers or footwear with good treads. For fun, you might encourage your class to wear white or fluorescent green, yellow, pink, or orange! These colors pop in our glow-in-the-dark Monster Mini Golf course!

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