Glow-in-the-dark mini bowling lanes at Monster Mini Golf.

Seattle doesn’t shy away from the occasional dreary weather, but rain clouds and cooler temperatures don’t have to dampen your spirit for adventure. Hidden from the views outside is a world of indoor entertainment and culture.

This guide uncovers the top indoor activities in Seattle that promise fun, learning, and unforgettable memories.

1. Indoor Mini Golf

When the weather isn’t cooperating with outdoor activities, indoor mini golf is the perfect alternative for a family outing or night out with friends. At places like Monster Mini Golf, you’re surrounded by hand-painted monsters and unique Seattle creations. Blacklights spookily illuminate the entire 18 holes, and the W.I.R.E.D sound system plays hauntingly fun tracks as you play. This isn’t your normal outdoor putt-putt; this is a full-on, immersive, indoor mini golf course with monsters towering over you at every hole.

2. Mini Bowling

Do you enjoy the thrill of bowling but don’t want a sore arm in the morning? Mini bowling saves your muscles with miniature bowling balls, lanes, and pins. Kids of any age can participate, so no one gets left out of the fun.

Monster Mini Golf in Seattle has four mini bowling lanes with bright neon colors and blacklights to set the mood. The best part is that you don’t just get bowling; you also have mini golf and a full arcade to get lost in.

3. Arcade

There are endless fun things to do in Seattle, and the arcade at Monster Mini Golf packs it all into one place. With games for every age group, everyone gets a chance to run up high scores on classic and modern arcade games.

There are plenty of options to choose from, such as Skee-ball, Air Hockey, racing games, shooting games, and more. Plus, you can win prizes and rewards for your gaming prowess; every visit feels like a new chance to score big.

4. Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is an oasis of marine life in the heart of the city and a fantastic destination for indoor activities with an educational twist. It offers visitors a deep dive into the underwater world and all the species of life that call the Pacific Ocean home.

Here are some of the unique moments you will get to witness:

  • Massive tanks filled with unique fish
  • Playful sea otters in action
  • Hypnotic movements of jellyfish

The aquarium also has touch pools, where you can feel the texture of sea stars and anemones.

5. Underground Tours

The history of the Seattle Underground follows the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. The city built everything two stories higher to avoid flooding when everything burned down, creating a subterranean network of passageways and basements known as the Seattle Underground.

Today, these underground passages have become a spooky and fun historical attraction. Guided tours can take you through the eerie and fascinating paths beneath Seattle’s streets. It’s the perfect place to take pictures for your social media.

6. Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center

You don’t have to love or be obsessed with planes to enjoy Boeing’s Future of Flight Aviation Center. The facility makes it easy to understand and get lost in the science and engineering behind some of the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Visitors also have the unique opportunity to tour the Boeing assembly plant, where they can watch the assembly of Boeing airplanes in real-time. But the more popular attractions are the interactive exhibits and personal stories that highlight the innovation of aviation manufacturing.

7. Public Library

One look at the Seattle Public Library, and you’ll understand why it’s one of the most underrated activities for indoor things to do in Seattle. Renowned architect Rem Koolhaas designed the library with a striking geometric exterior design.

Inside, the library unfolds into a light-filled space with stunning city views. It has 11 floors for a perfect view of the city’s skyline. Work, read a few books, or look at the panoramic views of the Seattle public library.

8. Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is great for families to enjoy entertainment and learning during the same afternoon. Kids and adults will love the planetarium, which has immersive stargazing experiences regardless of cloud coverage.

Another special area of the Science Center is the Tropical Butterfly House, where hundreds of free-flying butterflies might land on your head. The interactive exhibits and live demonstrations keep the atmosphere fun and light.

9. Seattle Art Museum

For a cultural lesson in art, the Seattle Art Museum has a collection that spans multiple continents and centuries. Inside, you’ll find art from all over the globe, including:

  • African art
  • American art
  • Asian art
  • Ancient American art
  • Ancient Mediterranean art
  • Europe art
  • Islamic art

If you go on the right day, you might catch one of the free events hosted there. Visitors can engage in public tours, artist talks, and even art-making workshops, encouraging creativity and connection.

10. Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre has a deep history in Seattle, dating back to 1928. It was originally opened as a movie palace but quickly evolved into a venue for live entertainment. 

Today, the Paramount still holds strong and hosts dozens of shows yearly. Broadway musicals, concerts, and comedy acts all come through the Paramount, and it’s the perfect spot to catch your favorite shows.

Arcade games at Monster Mini Golf.

Seattle may be known for its beautiful nature and water activities, but there are plenty of fun indoor options as well. Monster Mini Golf includes arcades and mini bowling to keep you entertained in one place. Seattle’s museums and learning centers also offer fun experiences for all ages. A little rain in Seattle won’t stop you from having a great time exploring the city.

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