Laser Tag

Welcome to the crypt! Monster Laser Tag is a high energy, fun, team-based game of skill, designed for players from 5 years of age and above. You can think of it as high-tech hide and seek or capture the flag, with lasers! The Monster Laser Tag arena is a highly interactive play area, full of fun effects including fog, black lights, targets, music, mines and creative decorations. In case you have never experienced Laser Tag before, the basics of the game are that players are challenged to make the most “tags” on the other team during the gameplay duration. The team with the most amount of “tags” wins! Monster Laser Tag is anything but standard though, as we offer Special Missions (game variations) and much more.

dd--Arena 2

Available at the following locations:

Chantilly, VA Cordova, TN Round Rock, TX San Antonio, TX Towson, MD