Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to get together with your favorite people and make memories. Whether you plan to customize your party plans to a specific theme or want to focus on fun activities for the birthday monster and guests, Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte is an exceptional birthday party venue, and we have many monsterific kid’s birthday party ideas you can use for your birthday celebration!

Neon decorations at a glow-in-the-dark Monster Mini Golf location.

1. Monster Mini Golf

Start your birthday fun with a round of Monster Mini Golf! Our indoor mini golf course features 18 holes with glow-in-the-dark monsters that talk, squawk, and move! Add to the fun by adding white, light green, pink, yellow, orange, and purple to your wardrobe. 

Mini golf is a fantastic low-impact activity that allows all monsters to move at their own pace, making this birthday party idea perfect for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.

2. Haunted Mansion Birthday Feast

Our private Haunted Mansion rooms provide a private place where your party monsters can enjoy lunch, dinner, or dessert! We can even provide the food! Our menu options include cheese and pepperoni pizzas, salad, and wings. Plus, we can serve up some monster-sized pitchers of soda for your guests.

3. Music Masters

Choose a party package that lets you choose the music for your birthday event! Controlling the airwaves is a fantastic way to customize your monster birthday experience. Seniors can enjoy golden oldies. Adults can pick tunes that were blasting their way up the charts when they were young. Teens can enjoy today’s popular music, and you can give your guests a chance to dance!

Music is also a great way to add activities to a kid’s birthday party. Use action songs they know from school to encourage kids to follow the actions. Monster Mini Golf is the perfect place to roar like a lion, dance like a chicken, do the hokey pokey, or have a freeze dance competition! 

4. Arcade

The beeps and blasts and playing popular retro arcade games, including glow Air Hockey and Skee-Ball, can tap into some incredible memories for adult players. Our monster arcade features popular options like Prize Cranes, Down the Clown, and more! Collect tickets and win prizes as you play!

5. Bowling

Double your fun at a Monster Mini Golf birthday party by adding to your itinerary! Our glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes are half the length of standard bowling lanes, making it easier for players who are young and the young at heart to take down pins. The bowling balls are also closer to the size of duckpin bowling balls than standard bowling balls. Since they’re lighter, little monster arms can throw the ball at the pins and knock them down! This birthday party idea is perfect for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.

6. Laser Maze

The laser maze is a great team activity. Can your party monsters weave through the laser beams without touching them and do it before time runs out? If your guests enjoy some friendly competition, this activity allows you to use your flexibility, problem-solving, and communication skills to conquer our laser maze.

This birthday party idea is perfect for kids, teens, and adults. Some seniors may enjoy the laser maze depending on their mobility and flexibility. 

7. Haunted Mansion Craft Time

Turn your private Haunted Mansion party room into craft central! Let your guests create some custom monster crafts, such as the following:

  • Glow-in-the-dark bead bracelets: Your guests can string together some glow-in-the-dark beads to make a custom memento they can wear at the party and take home! Use letters to spell words or names or create patterns with symbols or colored beads. Wear them while playing Monster Mini Golf and see how they look under the blacklight!
  • Make a monster: Use everything from pom poms to plastic cups to styrofoam balls to create a monster body! Add feathers, fur, googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennas, and more to customize your one-of-a-kind monster!
  • Monster art: Use old slippers, shoes, or cut-out shapes from old flip-flips to make monster feet. Dip the feet in glow-in-the-dark paint to create your monster footprint art! You can also use other shapes or paint or draw your monsters! 
  • Monster wreaths: Wrap wreaths with ribbons and glue on foam or wood monster faces, plastic spiders, and more to create a unique monster wreath!

There are many other portable craft activities you can enjoy. You can adapt your craft ideas to celebrate the season or your chosen party theme. You can also plan crafts that suit guests of all ages.

8. Haunted Mansion Group Games

A private Haunted Mansion event room at Monster Mini Golf.

You can play fun games with your guests in the Haunted Mansion room. Options include the following:

  • Charades
  • Musical chairs
  • Pictionary
  • Telephone
  • Twister

Popular board game options include Bingo and Apples to Apples. You can also make some monster party fun with a scavenger hunt! 

Monster Mini Golf has so many options for teen birthday party ideas. Customize how you would like for the special birthday monster and get the party started!

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