Neon monster decorations at Monster Mini Golf.

What makes a great kids’ field trip? Is it the blend of education and entertainment that captures their imagination? Or maybe the various activities that keep them engaged and excited throughout the day? 

Take a look at some activities that are guaranteed to make your field trip memorable. Whatever you’re looking for, Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte has everything you need to make a kids’ field trip both easy and fun.

Blacklight-Themed Mini Golf

Kids love walking into a room and being completely transported into another world where their imagination finally becomes a reality. At Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte, kids get that exact feeling when traversing the 18 hole course drenched in neon colors and blacklights.

Towering hand-painted monsters await kids at every hole; some even talk, wiggle, or make silly jokes to keep the atmosphere light and fun. Now and again, you’ll hear our Masters of Entertainment throwing out trivia questions and mini-challenges to keep everyone on the field trip on their toes.

Playing Video Games and Winning Prizes

Kids can always play their consoles at home and have a good time, but there’s nothing like winning exciting prizes whenever you beat a new level or boss. At Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte, you won’t be able to pull your kids out of our interactive arcade center.

Our kid’s field trip destination is filled with classics like Skee Ball, Air Hockey, and the latest first-person games so every kid can find something they love. The best part? Kids earn tickets they can exchange for fun prizes at our game counters.

Here are just a few more games the entire field trip group can enjoy:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Basketball hoops
  • Racing games
  • So much more!

Awaiting the most dedicated players are a handful of exciting and impressive prizes that kids can show off to all their friends. Of course, smaller prizes are also available for those who aren’t as focused on earning tickets.

Mini Bowling That Any Kid Can Play

While field trips are always a great reason to give kids a break, they don’t always appeal to every type of kid. However, mini bowling, one of our field trip ideas, allows a monster of any age or size to pick up a ball and throw it down the lane for a strike, regardless of their experience.

The balls and lanes are smaller in mini bowling, making it easier for anyone to play. Kids can play on teams to build friendly competition or play one-on-one to see who is the best bowler. The small number of lanes makes it more intimate and keeps all the kids close enough that they can talk to each other while playing.

Challenging Their Skills

A kids’ field trip that doesn’t engage a child’s mind won’t keep their attention long enough to be impactful. You need something challenging their skills and mental agility while keeping the activity fun.

At Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte, kids can access a thrilling and challenging laser maze where they must dodge all the lasers to hit their targets and race against the clock to be the fastest. The game will make them think about strategy and build physical agility. Kids can also go the opposite route and play a laser game where you smash as many lasers as possible before time runs out.

Field Trip Packages at Charlotte’s Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte has hosted enough field trip outings to know what organizations are looking for. That’s why we offer several different kids’ field trip packages to meet your exact needs. Choose from four packages with special offers like longer reservation times, additional private Haunted Party rooms, bowling games, laser maze games, and more.

Make your next field trip one that kids will never forget with Monster Mini Golf in Charlotte. Book your reservations today, and we’ll help you organize an outing that everyone in your group will talk about for weeks!

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