Neon well decoration at a Monster Mini Golf location.

Are you tired of the same old birthday party venues that leave you stressed out and exhausted? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a stress-free, fun-filled birthday extravaganza at Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia!

Learn why our parents leave us five-star reviews and all the perks you get for reserving your birthday party at Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia.

1. Cost

When you need that perfect venue to make your kid’s birthday special without draining your entire budget for the month, Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia has you covered. 

There are four different pricing options to choose from that meet anyone’s budget, and they all include special deals on our most popular activities:

  • Bones Bash
  • Monster Mania
  • V.I.M. (Very Important Monster)
  • Graveyard Hop

The more guests you bring, the cheaper your mini golf and bowling rounds become per guest. Cut down on your child’s birthday costs at Monster Mini Golf without sacrificing any fun.

2. Couldn’t Be Easier To Arrange

Planning your child’s birthday party at Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia is a piece of cake! 

Booking a reservation is as easy as simply giving us a call or booking straight through our website. 

With our dedicated staff taking care of all the setup, cleaning, refreshments, and food, you can sit back and relax while we make sure everything runs smoothly. 

3. Never Any Weather Cancellations

Unlike other birthday venues where weather can differentiate between creating memories that last a lifetime or having a birthday your kid would rather forget, you can always count on Monster Mini Golf.

Our entire venue is indoors, from the backlit-themed mini golf to the intricate laser maze.

That means no rain, snow, heat, or cold will ever cause your party to be canceled or moved to another day. 

4. Kids Love Our Activities

We’ve covered every inch of our huge facility in neon colors and entertaining gems to keep a kid’s birthday party fun from the moment they walk in until they walk out the door. 

Our hand-painted monsters tower over every hole and even talk and joke with the kids as they play. 

Mini golf is just the beginning, though. Our huge arcade center has the latest video games; kids can also play to win tickets and prizes!

As if that weren’t enough, we have mini bowling lanes with mini bowling balls, making it easy for monsters of any age and size to play. 

Finally, our challenging laser maze is a test of skill as kids try to dodge lasers to hit targets and finish the quickest to win. 

5. Activities All in One Place

Maybe one of the most popular reasons parents love Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia is the convenience of having four exciting activities under one roof. 

Instead of having to drive your kid around all day looking for a fun birthday party place, you can have it all without worrying about traffic. 

From our vibrant mini golf course filled with interactive monsters to the latest video games in our arcade center, every moment is packed with fun. 

6. Parking Is Easy

Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia is located in a major shopping area, so there is a big parking lot available outside our facility. 

Never stress again about heading to a popular birthday spot where you and your group have to hunt for parking spaces. 

Our location makes it easy for everyone in your group to find a spot quickly and get right to the party. 

Parents and Kids Love Monster Mini Golf Birthdays

Parents love how easy it is to create a life-long memory at Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia. With little effort, you can book a private room, access four endlessly fun activities, and have our staff ensure your thirst is quenched, your bellies are full, and your party is happy. 

Book your private haunted room today and reserve your spot on our website. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to give us a call, and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

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