Laser Maze in Gastonia

Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia offers endless thrills, chills, and excitement with our indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf, monstrous gaming arcade, mini bowling, virtual reality, and laser maze. Our laser beam maze is perfect when you want to challenge your dexterity and problem-solving skills. You can go at it alone, challenge your friends, or team up as you navigate your way to the exit before time runs out. Our indoor laser maze is challenging for monsters of all ages, even small children.

The laser maze entrance at Monster Mini Golf.


Embrace the Thrills of Monster Mini Golf’s Laser Maze

As you enter our mysterious laser maze room, it fills with music, lighting effects, and laser beams blocking your way to the exit. Are you up for the challenge? The laser maze is a timed event, so you only have a limited amount of time to make your way to the exit without getting trapped in the maze. 

The faster you can escape, the higher you score on our Top 10 Leaderboard. Can you make it all the way to number one? The laser maze is easy to learn while difficult to master. This immersive experience will have monsters of all ages thinking on their toes as they crawl, step, and navigate like a ninja as fast as they can while racing against time to navigate through the laser beam maze successfully. 

When looking for an exciting and unique birthday party place, look no further than Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia. We offer customizable birthday party packages that include one round of Monster Mini Golf, arcade play, and 90 minutes of access to your own private Haunted Mansion party room. 

You can also upgrade your package with other great features and options, such as: 

  • Indoor laser maze
  • Mini bowling 
  • Virtual reality

You can even opt for unlimited mini golf, mini bowling, and laser maze play. Speak to one of our Masters of Entertainment to start planning your birthday party.

Enjoy Monstrous Events and Other Fun in Gastonia

Whether celebrating a birthday, planning school field trips, or looking for the perfect location for team-building activities, look no further than Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia. Our indoor mini golf and arcade game center is the perfect location for any event because you never have to worry about the weather. You can even rent the entire space to host an exclusive and private event. We offer a wide range of packages, including our indoor laser maze. 

When you are looking for something fun and challenging, head over to Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia and try your skills at our laser maze challenge. Bring your friends or family, or plan a fun date night with your special someone — when you visit Monster Mini Golf in Gastonia, the fun, thrills, and excitement never have to end.


Our indoor laser maze is a skills challenge that requires problem-solving to navigate through a maze of lasers without touching them and reach the exit before time runs out. The game has different levels and versions to keep it exciting and thrilling for all ages.

You begin on one side of the room, and when the lasers activate, you have a set amount of time to get to the exit and get out. You have to step, crawl, and move carefully to avoid hitting the laser beams. If you come into contact with the laser beam, you are out of the game. Yet, you can keep trying to improve your skills and become a laser maze champion.

Yes, the laser maze is safe to play and fun for all ages. However, you should avoid looking directly into the laser beam light source as it can make it difficult to see.