Monster Mini Golf Field Trips Rock!

Whether it be a rainy-day activity or looking to pre-plan all of your summer activities for your daycare, school, or camp program, Monster Mini Golf is the perfect venue for your next action-packed field trip! Monster Mini Golf provides a physically and mentally stimulating experience for children filled with adventure, games, prizes, smiles, and laughs!

Field Trip Package Options

1 Round of Monster Mini Golf
Laser Maze Attraction (1 play per child)
Arcade Game Play value$5 per child$5 per child
1 Surprise Toy for each child
Haunted Mansion Room (30 minutes)
Package Price$12.50 per child$15 per child$20 per child
Haunted Mansion Room (30 minutes)$50.00$50.00

Children will leave begging to come back as they participate in our 1.5 hours of non-stop fun and entertainment featuring:


  • Private Haunted Mansion Event Rooms
  • Additional Arcade play options

Field Trip pricing is discounted from normal admission fees and is applicable for groups of 15 children and above. Booking a Field Trip at Monster Mini Golf is easy! Give us a call today to reserve your upcoming event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spaces fill up quickly for periods of the year when school is not in session.

Monster Mini Golf is perfect for kids’ field trips. Whether you’re planning an outing with your daycare class or your students, we have packages and activities perfect for all ages.

Fun activities are a fantastic way to make learning experiences meaningful and memorable. Planning a school field trip that includes Monster Mini Golf is a great way to supplement school physical education, art, mathematics, and language arts programs. 

Physical Education 

Mini golf involves balance, aim, and control, making it a great way to promote low-impact activity. Plus, your students need balance and coordination to conquer the laser maze, and many of our arcade games require aim and control to score points and win prizes.


Playing on our course is the perfect way to show students how art is a part of our world. Have your students draw spooky pictures inspired by the monsters on our mini golf course! They can replicate one of our monsters or create an original monster!


Use a round of mini golf to teach your students about physics and probabilities. You can also use game scores to create math problems after your field trip. 

Language Arts 

Use our monsters to inspire spooky or silly monster stories. You can take photos of the monsters when you’re at our course and display them in your class so students can decide which monsters to include in their short stories.

The Benefits of Field Trips

Preschool children can develop balance, coordination, and aim while playing mini golf and the laser maze. Preschool students benefit physically, and you can also use the monsters to inspire art projects after your field trip. 

Field trips are also the perfect way to teach preschool students about traveling in their community and staying safe.

Neon decorations at Monster Mini Golf.

Field Trips faq

Our fun field trips are designed for groups of 15 or more.

All our field trips include Monster Mini Golf. Our course features 18 holes of monstrously good fun. Kids love the monsters and glow-in-the-dark art throughout our eye-catching course.  

Our STELLA and GLOZO field trip packages include our laser maze. Players try to get through the maze without hitting the laser beams. Defeating the laser maze requires good problem-solving skills, balance, and coordination. It’s a unique interactive activity for team field trips because it promotes teamwork and communication.

Arcade games are plenty of fun and offer great skill development. It takes good aim to shoot a basket or score when playing glow Air Hockey, and you need good balance and control to score at Skee Ball. Plus, many of our carnival games require focus and strategic gameplay. Your group benefits from honing these skills while having fun and winning prizes.

Our virtual reality attraction lets you step into a virtual world! Feel, see, and hear the VR world through our headsets and simulators. The Virtual Rabbids options are perfect for young kids eager for adventure! Our King Kong of Skull Island experiences take you to Skull Island and Volcano Island and let you interact with King Kong and his world. 

Glow-in-the-dark mini bowling is a fantastic activity for developing balance and aim. Young and grown players can enjoy mini bowling because it uses smaller bowling balls that are easier to hold and throw. The lanes are also half the length of regular bowling lanes, making it easier for players to aim and reach their targets.

The field trip package you choose will affect the length of your field trip. STELLA is our most affordable field trip package, allowing your group to play mini golf and solve the laser maze. JAWBONE combines mini golf and arcade play instead of the laser maze. These field trip packages deliver 90 minutes of engaging activity.

GLOZO allows your group to play mini golf, solve the laser maze, and spend time in the arcade. Your group will need about two hours to enjoy all the activities included.

Monster Mini Golf is perfect for kids’ field trips and many other group events. Our package prices make it easy to plan an amazing birthday party. Whether your birthday monster is young or young at heart, you can enjoy a memorable round of Monster Mini Golf. Plus, you can add activities such as mini bowling, arcade play, laser maze, and virtual reality to your birthday party package. 

Whether raising money for your school or nonprofit, you know the benefits of entertaining fundraisers your supporters will enjoy. There’s no better way to put the ‘fun’ in fundraising than to plan a Monster Mini Golf fundraiser in Frisco, Texas. Contact our team to discuss your options, purchase your fundraising cards, and collect your funds after your fundraising event. We keep it simple so you can enjoy a successful, stress-free fundraising event.

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