Electrifying Group Events That Impress!

Great group events capture everyone’s interest and knock their socks off. Planning a one-of-a-kind, exciting group event is the perfect way to capture your group’s interest and generate enthusiasm about your next event! Monster Mini Golf’s Frisco group event venue is the perfect place for an outstanding event you won’t forget! Our group event venue is perfect for groups of all types and ages and features the following:

  • Private Haunted Mansion event rooms
  • 18 holes of Monster Mini Golf
  • Prizes and fun awards

Additions Include

  • Additional arcade game play
  • Food and refreshment options

Group Event Package Options

Fiend FestSkeleton SoireeThe Beast
18 Holes of Monster Mini Golf
Arcade Play$6.00 per person$8.00 per person$10.00 per person
Private Haunted Mansion Event Rooms 1 Room2 Room2 Rooms
Minimum Number of Participants12 guests12 guests30 guests
Event Duration2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
Package Price$20 per person$26 per person$32 per person
Available as a Private Event (Some restrictions may apply)
Bowling (5 Frames)$4.00 per guest
Laser Maze Attraction$3.00 per guest

Group event pricing starts for 12 participants. Monster Mini Golf can accommodate groups of all shapes and sizes and even have private event and facility buyout options should you desire additional privacy and exclusivity.

Booking a group event at Monster Mini Golf is easy; simply contact us to start the booking process.

Neon decorations at Monster Mini Golf.

We host groups of all sizes, and our attractions are perfect for preschoolers and students of all ages. We also welcome corporate groups, youth groups, seniors groups, and more! Our group event packages let you customize your plans so we can deliver the perfect group outing!

Monster Mini Golf is the perfect corporate event venue. Enjoy a fun-filled way to promote teamwork and strong communication skills with us! Our team-building event venue will also sharpen your team’s problem-solving skills! Work together to defeat the laser maze in record time, or tackle the indoor golf course and crown your corporate mini golf champion! Whether bowling or golfing, you can play as individuals or teams, allowing you to tailor activities and challenges to your corporate event goals.

Call us at 469-598-0444 to book a venue for your event and find out how our facilities can serve your needs. Our staff is here to help you through every step of the process, from securing a date to setting up our facilities, supplying essentials such as golf clubs and balls, and cleaning up after your event.

You can also use the form below to contact us for more information about booking a group event venue.

Monster Mini Golf in Frisco has several amazing attractions you can include in your group event package:

  • Monster Mini Golf

Our indoor mini golf course features 18 holes and a collection of glow-in-the-dark monsters that talk and move! Will they distract you, or will you or your team become monster mini golf champions? Mini golf is a fantastic activity suitable for young players and players young at heart.

  • Arcade

Head to the arcade to try your hand at popular games like Skee Ball, Down the Clown, and many more! Cash in the tickets you win for prizes, including bracelets, necklaces, hats, and stuffed animals!

  • Mini Bowling

Head to our bowling alley and use the small bowling balls to knock down pins on our mini bowling lanes! Our mini bowling balls and lanes make this activity perfect for players of all ages. 

  • Laser Maze

Weave through the laser beams and make your way through the maze without touching a beam, or deliberately smash the beams and see which team can smash the most before the clock runs out! The laser maze promotes communication skills and problem-solving and is perfect for mobile players of all ages. 

  • Virtual Reality

Step out of this world and into a Virtual Rabbids adventure, or visit King Kong’s world! The headsets deliver the sights and sounds, and the seat moves to immerse you in your VR experience!

Frisco’s Monster Mini Golf hosts birthday parties and field trips. Contact us today to learn more!

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